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Who is the Chargers’ Biggest Rival?

SB Nations NFL FanPulse Survey as you, we have the answers.

Ask any Chargers fan who is considered the team’s rival and you could probably whittle down that list to 4 or 5 teams. SB Nation has been conducting a weekly FanPulse Survey and this past week they asked this question.

And as you can see, with 54% of the vote, the answer is the Kansas City Chiefs, followed by the Oakland Raiders with 40%. The Denver Broncos and New England Patriots tied with 3%.

I am somewhat surprised by these results. I would have that the Raiders would be tops on this list, with the inter-state matchup built in. Perhaps the vote can be chalked up to how the teams are currently playing; The Chiefs have dominated the Chargers recently whereas the Raiders have slumped these past few years and have lost 4 in a row to the Chargers.

Same could be said about the Denver Broncos as they seem to not be as formidable since Peyton Manning retired. As much as we all could hope that the New England Patriots were a rival, the Chargers just don’t play them enough to really make the argument here.

Anybody that knows me or has read my work here will know how bad I hate the Oakland Raiders. I remember going to the Black Hole in my Vincent Jackson jersey. The fans their in Oakland gave me a hard time, they made sure I knew how they felt about #83 that day. But it wasn’t any worse than when I attended a Chargers vs 49ers game in San Francisco. The worst case of Raiders smack I ever got was when I went to a Raiders vs Chargers game in San Diego. It was the worst expierence I've ever had at a football game. The tailgating was terrible, the in-game expierence was dreadful and the post game walk was ridciclous. I never hated another team more in more life.

I just hate the Chiefs because they are so dang good. And they have the Chargers number. Hopefully that changes December 13th.

(The poll only had the Cheifs, Raiders, Broncos and Patriots as choices)


Who do you consider the Chargers rival?

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