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Who is the Los Angeles Chargers mid-season MVP?

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Seattle Seahawks Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With eight games in the books, who is the Los Angeles Chargers’ most valuable player?

Jason Michaels: Philip Rivers. He is is really building the best season of his career, though without a 6 TD monster to hang his hat on (we’ll revisit this after this weekend, however).

Michael Peterson: Rivers. Not turning the ball over and keeping the team ahead of the sticks. Looks younger than ever.

Ruben J. Gonzalez: Rivers is the easy choice for the Chargers MVP so far. His command of the offense, his poise under pressure, they way he is manipulating the opposing defenses while in the pocket; man its just so nice to see. He finally has found out how to play real “Hero Ball.”

Jake Hefner: Rivers - Showing no signs of slowing down. 19 TD’s, only 3 Int’s with a 116.5 passer rating and the only QB to throw multiple touchdown passes in every game this year.

Mike Murray: Philip Rivers, He is playing the best football of his Hall of Fame career.

Jamie Hoyle: Philip Rivers. He’s playing his best football in years and is orchestrating the offense at an absurdly high level, both in terms of how he’s throwing it and getting the team into the right plays. He has been masterful.

Lou Gorini: I hate to sound repetitive but it has to be Rivers. You take him away from the offense and the Chargers become a shell of themselves. Rivers has always been good but it’s the little things he has been doing that has taken himself and the offense to another level. He’s not turning the ball over, he is taking deep shots down the field and consistently hitting on them like he did when he had Vincent Jackson. He has such command of the offense that he is even eliminating the delay of game penalties he is usually so prone to.

Richard Wade: Yeah, it’s clearly Philip Rivers. You take him away from this team and instead of being 6-2, they’re lucky to have even one win. He’s playing some of the best football of his entire career and he is just in complete control out there.

Who is your first half MVP?