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The Degenerate Gambler crosses the pond

Betting lines and other silly tidbits for the visiting Yanks

The Degenerate Gambler, for the uninitiated, grabs $100 each week and ‘invests’ in his favorite Chargers-centric bets. There are lots of different lines to choose from, but even a winning week for the home team can bring about ruin for an unwise gambler. Our anti-hero has had a rough few weeks, and it’s largely because he has either not trusted the team enough or got too greedy for his own good.

Against San Francisco, a win for the Chargers, he walked away with a $73 deficit! This is because the Chargers were supposed to run away with that game (and had a 10.5 point spread!), but only just ended up winning by the skin of their teeth.

Against the Raiders, a colossal win for the Bolts, the Gambler just got unlucky. He bet for Derek Carr getting more than 285 yards on the day, which the Raiders had enjoyed in almost every match this year. Carr got 268 yards and a big, fat L. To the Gambler’s credit, Carr had hit that yardage every game this season (and ended up being exposed soon after, getting only 142 last week). Oh well, that’s why they play the game. The Degenerate Gambler’s biggest bet that week was that the Chargers would score 3.5 TDs, which they had done fairly consistently going well into last season. The Chargers ended the day with 3 TDs. Another losing day for unwise spenders!

With loan sharks at his door, the Degenerate Gambler put it ALL on the line (the moneyline, that is) for the Chargers last week against the Browns. The Chargers were the beneficiaries of a +105 return, and the Gambler just can’t turn down a positive gain! As you likely are aware, the Chargers crushed their competition and look like a postseason-caliber unit.

Week 6:

  • Wager 1: Chargers Moneyline. $100.00 [+105]: W $105.00

Week 6 results: $105.00 profit

Year-to-date total: -$37.00 loss

Well, now the Degenerate Gambler is jumping the pond to see if he can muster up a few more wins in the face of overwhelming odds. Will this be his finest hour?

Here’s what we know right from the start- he didn’t learn anything. Sometimes moneyline bets are just the way to go when you’re jumping into foreign territory (quite literally). Yes, that means that the odds might not be too favorable, but a win would be a win. Assuming, of course, a win. Nope- the Gambler is back to his wacky ways, finding odd prop bets to keep him sweating all game long.

Week 7 - LONDON: Titans @ Chargers

  • Wager 1 - Chargers spread (-7) $37.5 [+105]
  • Wager 2 - Titans Moneyline $15 [+250]
  • Wager 3 - First Scoring Play non-TD $15[+105]
  • Wager 4 - Chargers First Half (>13.5) $17.5 [+280]
  • Wager 5 - Longest TD (<39.5) $15 [-115]

Highest Possible Win: $102.17 profit

Worst Possible Loss: $0.00 (no offsetting bets this week)

OK, so let’s take a look. It appears that the Degenerate Gambler has taken his strange version of a moneyline this week. By taking his largest bet with the Chargers to clear a full 7 points on the Titans, he seems to agree with the pundits that the Bolts will have a strong showing this week. In fact, the Chargers have beat the Titans 10-1 (.909) since 1993. However, with the Titans a full TD underdog, he also took them for $15. Why? Because if they win, that would equal the $37.5 that he bet on the spread. It’s a little bit of a hedge, but you know how these games tend to fall right in between those spread lines...

The Chargers seem to have found some consistency in their kicking game (oh heavens, I’m so sorry! JINX!), but the Gambler doesn’t think that bettors have caught on to this sudden change. The Titans have not scored a touchdown since September 30th, and they have only opened ONE game this year with a TD instead of a field goal. Throw it all together, and Wager 3 is the best value bet of the week, getting a slight edge for what is at worst a 50/50 shot.

The two scariest bets are the Longest TD being less than 40 yards and the Chargers first half being two TDs above the Titans. Still, if the dominoes fall exactly right, our anti-hero can just about double his investment this week. We’ll know soon enough!

-Jason “A Jolly Holiday” Michaels