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The Gambler loses all but his dignity this week

Well, he is the Degenerate Gambler, after all.

Hello, folks!

When we last found the Degenerate Gambler on the streets of LA, we learned that he was really high on the Chargers on Sunday. The Chargers were overwhelming favorites, with -10.5 being the kickoff point deficit to clear. After all, the 49ers lost their franchise QB and the Chargers were at home with one of the best QBs in the business. A perfect plan, right?

As he’s oft to do, each week he chooses $100 worth of bets.

Week 4: 49ers @ Chargers

  1. Wager 1: Chargers Spread (-10.5) $50 [-105] L $(50.00)
  2. Wager 2: Chargers 1st Half (23.5) $25 [-110] L $(25.00)
  3. Wager 3: 49ers (moneyline) $10 [340] L $(10.00)
  4. Wager 4: Total Over (46.5) $15 [-110] W $13.64

Week 4 total: $-71.36

Well. That wasn’t the best.

As you know, the Chargers did end up winning the game. While the Degenerate Gambler had the correct inclination in that regard, the poor return of a moneyline bet made him consider the -10.5 point spread. No, not just consider it— to go full bore at it!

As Gamblers are inclined to do, he forgot that there are no bonus points for scoring above the bare minimum to win.

If everything went his way, the Gambler could have profited a maximum of $73.98 from the bets chosen. As things actually went down, our antihero was rooting for the 49ers! Once the Chargers spread had become a pipe dream, the 49ers nudging out a win would have netted him a smooth $34, giving him a mere -$27.36 loss for the day. That would have been a bit more palatable, but, lucky for the Chargers, he didn’t actually get his way.

Perhaps he should hang it up and call it a career.

Jason Michaels


The Chargers go head-to-head with the Raiders next week! The Gambler was elated that Gruden’s crew SOME HOW took home a W in overtime last week against the Cleveland Browns.

The reason?

If you remember from 2017, the Chargers had gone 0-4. This talented team was actually a 3.5 point UNDERDOG to the winless Giants in week 5. Oh the sweet, sweet taste of positive value! Had the Raiders gone 0-4 this year, the Chargers would certainly be favorites by at least a touchdown for the matchup. As ugly as Sunday’s win was (for both teams), it should improve the line to about -3.5 to -4 for the Chargers. Both of these teams are flawed, which adds nasty variance to the mix. Regardless of the final line and the final result, it’s pretty clear that the Gambler will wake up with a headache and claim his old refrain “I should’ve taken the moneyline...”

-Jason “Is Bosa back yet?” Michaels