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Los Angeles Chargers Positional Review: Quarterback

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be taking a look back at how the Chargers starters performed based on a couple outsiders analysis, what I have to say, and how they’ll address the position in the off-season. Today we’ll start with the most important position in the game, quarterback.

Outsider Analysis

Philip Rivers finished the season with 28 touchdowns(5th most) and 10 interceptions.

Passer Rating: 12th

Quarterback Rating: 13th

Football Outsiders: You can click on the link to see their rankings and explanation of “DVOA” & “DYAR.” This site had Rivers ranked 2nd in both.

ANY/A: 4th

Bleacher Report: I’m a part of this project(I did safeties this year) that has to go by a specific grading formula and grade out each player by their position. Here is what Mark Schofield had to say about Rivers:

That doesn’t do a whole lot to explain why Rivers is ranked 14th, does it?

My Analysis

Rivers season was a tale of 2. A lot of people told me I was too hard on him early in the year and he had been playing the 2nd half of the season the way he was the first half. That’s just not true. I don’t think the game-plans the first part of the season were beneficial, but he still was missing receivers and making poor decisions in the pocket. From week 10 on, save Kansas City, I thought Rivers played like the Hall of Famer he is. Timing, accuracy, decision making, plays in the pocket. Everything was there.

Going back to that list from above that ranked him 14th, there is no way in hell Case Keenum performed better than Rivers this year. There are a couple other guys above home that I wouldn’t take over Rivers, either. I’d say Rivers was right around 10 if I’m doing rankings.

Looking ahead

Rivers isn’t going to be around much longer. They should’ve addressed this position last year with the group of quarterbacks available. There will be some notable names in free agency and in the draft. Do the Chargers bring in someone they can develop? We’ll see. I don’t think anyone will deny that it is time to start grooming for the future. The question is how much of an investment do you put into the position.

How do you feel Rivers performed this year and how much of an investment should the team put in his future replacement?