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Chargers CB Casey Hayward: “I really feel like I’m the best corner in the league.”

Los Angeles Chargers CB Casey Hayward joined the Game Theory and Money podcast and talked about a bunch of things, including why he thinks he’s the best CB in the NFL.

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Hi there!

I don’t believe I’ve posted a thing on this website since the Los Angeles Chargers season ended, but I have something fun for you today that you might enjoy: An interview with Chargers CB Casey Hayward!

Casey joined the Game Theory and Money podcast from NFL Media (at about the 49:00 mark, if you want to fast-forward past the NFL Playoffs talk) and talked about:

  • Why he feels like he’s the best cornerback in the league
  • If the players or coaches accidentally say “San Diego Chargers” sometimes
  • When does a young player become a “veteran”?
  • The difference between “traveling” and playing on one side of the field only
  • How his style of play differs from Kansas City Chiefs CB Marcus Peters
  • Casey’s top 3 CBs left in the playoffs
  • Casey’s top 3 WRs left in the playoffs
  • Who Casey thinks is going to win this weekend

Casey was awesome and shoutout to Cynthia Frelund for having fun during the interview. I hope everyone that listened enjoyed it!