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BFTB Fantasy Football League: Overview

A general overview of the league members, their teams, and their match-ups for Week 1

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Chargers Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports




So for anyone who was wondering, the staff here at BFTB decided to put our (figurative) money where are mouths are and put together a 12-team PPR, super-flex league over on Yahoo.

This is my first post in what I hope to be a weekly recap of each week’s outcomes and highlights. My hope is that this allows you guys to stay engaged with how the league is going and maybe even find a team/staff member you like enough to root for throughout the year.

Maybe that person will be me. Maybe Richard. Maybe Ruben or Daniel. Who knows? But I can promise you each and every one of us will be fighting tooth and claw for the chance to garner bragging rights over the site.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the match-ups:

mY BaLl ZaCh ErTz (Michael Peterson)

*Yes, my avatar is the Spongebob Meme

QB: Dak Prescott
WR: Doug Baldwin
WR: Michael Crabtree
WR: Willie Snead
RB: Le’Veon Bell
RB: Ezekiel Elliott
TE: Greg Olson
W/R/T: Zay Jones
Q/W/R/T: Derek Carr
DEF: Pittsburgh
K: Chris Boswell

BN: Adam Thielen
BN: Shane Vereen
BN: Terrence West
BN: Mike Wallace
BN: Cole Beasley
BN: Austin Hooper


Go Bears! (Max Schultz)

QB: Russell Wilson
WR: Keenan Allen
WR: Kelvin Benjamin
WR: John Brown
RB: Marshawn Lynch
RB: Christian McCafferey
TE: Tyler Eifert
W/R/T: Ty Montgomery
Q/W/R/T: Eli Manning
DEF: New England
K: Adam Vinatieri

BN: Devante Parker
BN: Dion Lewis
BN: Jared Goff
BN: Breshad Perriman
BN: Taylor Gabriel
BN: Julius Thomas

Highlights: I like to think this is a pretty even match-up besides the running back pairings. It’s Zeke and Bell. You can’t touch that.

We both have high-upside receivers so that’s a wash. I have the better tight-end in terms of consistency but Eifert has the potential to score all the touchdowns in that offense. Max holds an advantage in the Flex position as Montgomery will probably be flush with touches while I’m just hoping Zay Jones gets the attention he deserves from Tyrod Taylor.

I’ll also give myself the nod in the super-flex position but it’s probably closer than I believe. Both Manning and Carr are going to be slinging it this year so it could go either way.

Prediction: Me but not by a ton.

Mud Dogs (Richard Wade)

QB: Aaron Rodgers
WR: Demaryius Thomas
WR: Alshon Jeffery
WR: Larry Fitzgerald
RB: Danny Woodhead
RB: Theo Riddick
TE: Charles Clay
W/R/T: Stefon Diggs
Q/W/R/T: Drew Brees
DEF: Los Angeles Rams
K: Cairo Santos

BN: Jordan Matthews
BN: CJ Prosise
BN: Pierre Garcon
BN: James White
BN: Darren Sproles
BN: Ted Ginn Jr.


Backroad Bullies (Derrick Browne)

QB: Tyrod Taylor
WR: Antonio Brown
WR: T.Y. Hilton
WR: Allen Robinson
RB: Leonard Fournette
RB: Charcandrick West
TE: Zach Ertz
W/R/T: Tyrell Williams
Q/W/R/T: Sam Bradford
DEF: Minnesota
K: Justin Tucker

BN: Mohamed Sanu
BN: Jameis Winston
BN: Eric Ebron
BN: Torrey Smith
BN: Danny Amendola
BN: Marlon Mack

Highlights: So it looks like Richard played this type of league way better than all of us and I didn’t notice until now. The man got Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees in a league where you can play both at the same time. Woof.

Richard also went the “zero running back” route as he has two generally low-ranked RBs but they are Woodhead and Riddick who are both known pass-catchers in their respective offenses. Leonard Fournette is a solid back to have but Derrick’s RB2 is Charcandrick West who isn’t the most viable back in fantasy so this position group may be going to Richard as well.

Derrick does have unanimous top-5 pick Antonio Brown along with two wide receivers who garner huge target shares on their teams in Hilton and A. Robinson but both have mediocre QBs throwing to them. Richard has three WRs who will be the most targeted in their respective offenses in Fitz, Jeffrey, and Thomas so it looks like Richard really came to play this year.

Prediction: Richard with the big W

Sam Kweon’s Tweets! (Lou Gorini)

QB: Tom Brady
WR: AJ Green
WR: Deandre Hopkins
WR: Brandon Marshall
RB: Dalvin Cook
RB: Mark Ingram
TE: Martellus Bennett
W/R/T: Kareem Hunt
Q/W/R/T: Kirk Cousins
DEF: Baltimore
K: Will Lutz

BN: Darren McFadden
BN: Doug Martin
BN: Marvin Jones Jr.
BN: Gio Bernard
BN: Chris Hogan
BN: Donte Moncrief


Cry Me A Rivers (Aaron Woolley)

QB: Matthew Stafford
WR: Emmanuel Sanders
WR: Corey Coleman
WR: Martavis Bryant
RB: Devonta Freeman
RB: Jordan Howard
TE: Kyle Rudolph
W/R/T: Lamer Miller
Q/W/R/T: Joe Mixon
DEF: Houston
K: Dan Bailey

BN: Cameron Meredith
BN: Jack Doyle
BN: Cameron Brate
BN: Joe Flacco
BN: Devin Funchess
BN: Jamaal Charles

Highlights: Right off the bat, I like Lou’s team a lot. He has the GOAT at quarterback and three target hogs at receiver in Green, Hopkins, and Marshall (Yeah Odell is there but Marshall is a stud in his own right). Aaron is sorely lacking in WR depth if one of his top wideouts is Corey Coleman.

However, Woolley has two stud backs in Freeman and Howard which could be his saving grace this season. Rudolph v. Bennett in the tight end slot is close. I believe Rudolph will receive more targets but Bennett can be a sneaky touchdown maker with Rodgers as his quarterback.

I don’t like Woolley’s chances without a quarterback in his superflex spot so hopefully he makes a better decision before kickoff because, obviously, Kirk Cousins is going to outscore a running back who is third on the depth chart.

Prediction: Sam Kweon’s Tweets wins (but only in this context)

Chargers_UK (Thomas Herd)

QB: Andrew Luck
WR: Odell Becjham Jr.
WR: Davante Adams
WR: Jeremy Maclin
RB: Demarco Murray
RB: Isaiah Crowell
TE: Jordan Reed
W/R/T: CJ Anderson
Q/W/R/T: Kenny Britt
DEF: Kansas City
K: Stephen Gostkowski

BN: Duke Johnson Jr.
BN: Jeremy Hill
BN: Antonio Gates
BN: Brian Hoyer
BN: Jamaal Williams
BN: Will Fuller V


No Punt Intended (Cody Young)

QB: Marcus Mariota
WR: Julio Jones
WR: Brandin Cooks
WR: Golden Tate
RB: Ameer Abdullah
RB: LeGarrette Blount
TE: Hunter Henry
W/R/T: Frank Gore
Q/W/R/T: Travis Benjamin
DEF: Philadelphia
K: Matt Prater

BN: Corey Davis
BN: Carson Wentz
BN: Matt Forte
BN: John Ross
BN: Wendell Smallwood
BN: Arizona

Highlights: The quarterback spot heavily favors Cody Young as he has a rising star in Mariota while Thomas has Luck (who knows when he is going to play) and journeyman Brian Hoyer. Cody also takes the wideout spot with a trio of #1 receivers in Jones, Cooks, and Tate. The tide turns to Herd’s favor as his couplet of Murray and Crowell get the nod over Young’s duo of Abdullah and Blount. Bell Cows will always be better than rotational guys.

Since it is a PPR league, Jordan Reed is obviously the better tight end here over Hunter Henry. For the flex spots, both have a RB and WR in place. Again, in a 2-QB league like this, that is not the way to go.

Prediction: Chargers_UK will find himself....*throws on shades*....Out of Luck....

Sans Diego (Jason M)

QB: Andy Dalton
WR: Michael Thomas
WR: Sammy Watkins
WR: Desean Jackson
RB: LeSean McCoy
RB: Todd Gurley II
TE: Delanie Walker
W/R/T: Carlos Hyde
Q/W/R/T: Mike Gillislee
DEF: Seattle
K: Mason Crosby

BN: Johnathan Stewart
BN: Carson Palmer
BN: Coby Fleener
BN: Kenny Stills
BN: Allen Hurns
BN: Robert Turbin


Trips Right (Ruben Gonzalez)

QB: Cam Newton
WR: Amari Cooper
WR: Dez Bryant
WR: Eric Decker
RB: David Johnson
RB: Adrian Peterson
TE: Jimmy Graham
W/R/T: Tyler Lockett
Q/W/R/T: Philip Rivers
DEF: Los Angeles Chargers
K: Brandon McManus

BN: Cooper Kupp
BN: Thomas Rawls
BN: Evan Engram
BN: OJ Howard
BN: Kenny Golladay
BN: Latavius Murray

Highlights: Both teams have middle-tier quarterbacks with several high-upside receivers and a stud PPR running back. This is one of the tighter ones to decide on. Ruben had the #1 overall pick and went with David Johnson and it’s hard to go against the team who has him. However, McCoy is not too shabby himself. I love the potential of Michael Thomas in NO this year but Jason’s WR talent level drops significantly from there. Ruben boasts two stars in Cooper and Bryant, both of whom will be targeted heavily this year.

The tight end slot stacks up well with Walker v. Graham. Both are studs for their teams and should continue that trend this year. Maybe gimme Walker a tad more over Graham.

Ruben making a statment by having Rivers in his superflex but the choice of Lockett in his regular flex spot is a head-scratcher. I think he has a couple better options along the bench, to be honest. Gillislee and Hyde are solid choices in the flex but will they both outscore his QB2 Carson Palmer? I highly doubt it.

Prediction: Ruben will be groovin’.

Free OJ with Brunch (Roghinojosa? Idk.)

QB: Matt Ryan
WR: Jordy Nelson
WR: Tyreek Hill
WR: Rishard Mathews
RB: Bilal Powell
RB: Paul Perkins
TE: Rob Gronkowski
W/R/T: CJ Fiedorowicz
Q/W/R/T: Robert Kelley
DEF: Carolina
K: Sebastian Janikowski

BN: Sterling Shepard
BN: Jarvis Landry
BN: Mike Evans
BN: Eddie Lacy
BN: Chris Carson
BN: Buffalo


Daniel’s Team (Daniel Stebbins)

(change your name Daniel, come on #SMH)

QB: Ben Roethlisberger
WR: Terrelle Pryor Sr.
WR: Jamison Crowder
WR: Nelson Agholor
RB: Melvin Gordon
RB: Jay Ajayi
TE: Travis Kelce
W/R/T: Tevin Coleman
Q/W/R/T: Randall Cobb
DEF: Denver
K: Mat Bryant

BN: Derrick Henry
BN: Samaje Perine
BN: Joe Williams
BN: Jay Cutler
BN: Green Bay
BN: Empty

Highlights: In the battle of two top quarterbacks that both have a plethora of weapons, Free OJ gets the nod as Matty Ice is the reigning MVP and Big Ben has too large of a home/road split in performance for my liking. The receiving corps are fairly even but that third slot is goes to Brunch as Matthews has done something lately unlike Agholor. Stebbins brings the heat with Gordon and Ajayi in the RB slots, however. Both will be studs this year and we are unsure Powell will be able to climb out of the abyss that is the New York Jets. The tight ends are a wash as Gronk and Kelce can both ball out. Gronk is the better player but injury history brings him back a tad. Stebbins looks solid in his final two flex spots with Coleman and Cobb as opposed to the pairing of Fiedorowicz and Fat Rob for Brunch.

Prediction: I liked Stebbins outright but with Hill going off Thursday night, it’ll be too close to call now. Toss up.

The time leading up to week 1 is always the longest but then it’ll be gone in a hurry once again. Who will be standing on top of the mountain in January? Your guess is as good as mine.

(Probably Richard...)