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PODCAST: It might be time for the Los Angeles Chargers to tank

The L.A. Chargers are 0-3 and this could just be the start of a very long season that continues the trend of losing seasons for Philip Rivers and Company.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Allow me to, once again, be the bearer of bad news....

The Los Angeles Chargers are not a good football team and Philip Rivers is not a good quarterback (anymore). They’ve won 10 of their last 39 games, and they’re all but assured to reach two full calendar years of being stuck in last place in a few weeks.

I do think that Philip Rivers could still be a good game manager on a team that supported him with a strong coaching staff, running game, and defense. However, he always seems to be missing one or two of those, and this is not the way that anyone wants to see him ending his career: Leading the league in interceptions every other year and under-throwing every single deep ball by an embarrassing degree.

Maybe it’s time to go all-in on Los Angeles and tank for Sam Darnold or Josh Rosen.

Tom Telesco has survived a lot in his tenure as Chargers GM, but I’m starting to wonder if he would get axed if the team were to end up 0-8 or 1-7 at the bye week. Surely, someone would have to get fired....and I don’t know that Whisenhunt would make a big enough splash.

I also don’t know that John Spanos and the rest of the ownership braintrust would want to trust him with the choice between Darnold or Rosen considering his rough draft history so far (D.J. Fluker, Manti Te’o, Jason Verrett, Jerry Attaochu, Chris Watt, Craig Mager, Max Tuerk, Joshua Perry, etc.).

Strap in, fellas. It could be a very long road back to respectability.