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Philip Rivers Was on Fire on Sunday... in the Wrong Way

Does being a dumpster fire count?

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Philip Rivers had probably what will be the game he will remember as the worst of his career today, and if you didn't see it, don’t make yourself depressed by watching it.

In 4 drives, Philip Rivers managed to cough up the ball 3 times. And none of them can really be blamed on anyone but himself. He made terrible decisions, throwing jump balls for Travis Benjamin (seriously?), and trying to force the ball to Antonio Gates, who has clearly lost more than several steps and probably shouldn’t play in between the 20s much anymore.

Ever since he became the starter, I’ve been a huge supporter of his. I’ve defended him against people who say they don’t like him as a player or as a person. To say I’ve idolized him is probably uncomfortably close to the truth. Despite all that, he is not without fault. The last few seasons, I’ve struggled with the notion that he could be, at best, a game manager. But what I’ve realized recently is that he has a gunslinger mentality, and stares down his targets. Surprisingly, he missed a wide-open Keenan Allen on one of his interceptions. You’d think that Keenan Allen, one of the best young receivers would be his go-to, but, apparently, he has more faith in Travis Benjamin winning jump balls.

Philip Rivers obviously doesn’t feel any sort of heat. And honestly, I don’t blame him. If the Chargers draft a guy to replace him, he doesn’t have to stick around. He has made well over $150 million in his career, and the way he is, I’d be surprised if he doesn’t have the majority of his earnings in savings. A new rookie won’t threaten him because he has nothing to lose. Does it really seem like he’s pouring his heart and soul into the team, or am I the only one who feels like his heart just isn’t in it anymore?

I hate to say it, but it may be the time to light a fire under his ass or wave goodbye to him at the end of this season. He is in no way worth the 20+ million they are shelling out for him right now.