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Chargers - Chiefs Final Score: Chargers lose to the Chiefs 24-10

The Chargers just couldn’t keep up with the hottest team in the NFL.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Los Angeles Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

1st Quarter

The Chargers won the toss and elected to receive. After a good run from Melvin Gordon, Philip Rivers threw an ill-advised jump ball to Travis Benjamin that was intercepted. The Chiefs quickly capitalized with a TD pass to Tyreek Hill who was in single coverage from Nigel Harris, yes, UDFA LB Nigel Harris was covering probably the fastest player in the NFL.
The next series Melvin Gordon had a few more solid runs, but ended with another turnover as Rivers missed a wide open Keenan Allen and threw an INT trying to force the ball to Antonio Gates. The Chiefs quickly capitalized again, with some solid runs and a ton of missed tackles from the Chargers’ defense.
The Chargers 3rd drive starts out like most of their drives. 2 straight Run-Run-Pass sets of downs. Rivers throws another Hail Mary to Benjamin and Benji actually fights for the ball and comes down with the huge pass. The Chargers get extra yardage on the play from a roughing the passer call. Gordon makes the most of it with a nice run, and a great block from Hunter Henry, for the touchdown.

Score: 14-7 Chiefs

2nd Quarter

Chiefs start the quarter with great field position (their own 40) but the Chargers defense manage to force a 3 and out finished off by a Chris McCain, Joey Bosa sack. The Chargers offense thanks the defense for their efforts by throwing another INT.
Chiefs next drive is stifled and a big 3rd down sack from Joey Bosa forced a 51 yard FG attempt. The attempt misses wide left, but rookie Rayshawn Jenkins is called for a blatant roughing the kicker penalty. 1st down Chiefs. Defense holds again and the Chiefs are able to convert the much shorter 34 yard attempt. Rookie mistake costs the Chargers 3 points.
The Chargers drive down into the red zone, with some help from 2 bad penalties by Marcus Peters. The team then fizzles out after a Matt Slauson hands to the face penalty. Younghoe Koo makes a 29 yard FG as time expires in the half. Hopefully he can build on that.

Score: 17-10 Chiefs, Halftime.

3rd Quarter

Chiefs get the ball coming out of the half and the Chargers defense shuts down the drive quickly and forced a punt.
Chargers drive starts without Melvin Gordon who is questionable to return with a Knee injury. Rivers completes a few good passes, mostly to Keenan Allen who is getting into a groove now. The drive runs out of juice and the team “fakes going for it” on 4th and 3, fooling nobody, then punt it away.
The Chargers defense continues to ball out and forces another 3 and out.
After another Charger series ending in a punt, the Chargers force the Chiefs to try a punt of their own after an Melvin Ingram sack.

Score: 17-10 Chiefs

4th Quarter.

Chiefs lined up for the punt and run a fake that was stuffed by Chris McCain. LAC predictably answers with Run-Run-Pass, then a punt from their own 35 yard line downing the ball at the KC 5.
KC gets another big run from Kareem Hunt, then the LAC defense buckles down and forces yet another punt. The Chiefs are now 1 for 9 on 3rd down. Chargers Defense lights out today.
I feel like I can copy and paste at this point, Chargers offense can’t get anything going, Rivers throws what looked like his 4th INT but it’s overturned. Punt.
The Chiefs are able to convert a few more 3rd downs on the next drive but with a 3rd Melvin Ingram sack, the Chiefs are forced to punt again.
Rivers has another awful series and after 1 first down, the Chargers are forced to punt again.
The Chiefs get the ball back with less than 4 minutes on the clock. They are able to get a first down at the 2 minute warning. Chargers only have 1 time out remaining. Kareem hunt takes the next play to the house, 69 yards.
Chargers have 1:49 and 1 time out, down 14. Chargers drive down the field with short passes as the Chiefs fall back into the prevent, allowing LAC to burn up all the clock. Chargers cannot get into the endzone for garbage time points. Game.

Score: 24-10 Chiefs

Quick notes

  • The defense overall played a great game, but got 0 help from the offense. However:
  • Tackling is still a HUGE problem for this defense
  • The offensive line gets a game ball, they performed very well against the Chiefs great front 7
  • Philip Rivers probably had the worst game I’ve seen him have. Just awful start to finish.
  • Anthony Lynn is still making very questionable decisions. Challenges, Clock management, play calling. It was all bad today.