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Hey, that’s OK, gang! 14-2 is still groovin’ for the playoffs!

Playoffs?... PLAYOFFS??

Just remember that it’s supposed to be fun, guys. It’s just a game!

West Carson High, Stubbs Field, September 17, 8:15pm:

Well gee-whiz, guys. I know it smarts a bit right now, but that’s how things go. Like coach said, we gotta go out there and be a team. We didn’t play like a team today, but tomorrow is a new day! Chins up, bolts up!

Things looked pretty spiffy around the half-way mark. We had South-eastern on the ropes, but we lost our focus a little bit toward the end. Melvin, Hunter, and Keenster— you all did great today! Like Wizzy said, we gotta get the run game up to snuff, and fast! It wasn’t our best showing today, but that’s why God created next week!

I know that it really smarts right now. We don’t show up against the South-eastern porpoises too often, and we only half showed up today. Next week we gotta plan for our rivals, the Center-city chieftains, and I guarantee you that we’ll be rested and ready to give ‘em a fight they’ll remember! They’re not pushovers. They handed it to the Minutemen and the Thunderbirds, and that’s not a walk in the park. They have a killer run game.. and a nasty pass game.. and a monster tight end... but, but we have HEART! And the stands will be filled to the brink with all of our families cheering us on! Superintendent Spanos said that we almost sold every seat this week. It sure was swell of him to shoot off those fireworks at the end to show that there are no hard feelings between us and South-eastern.

I might’ve thought it once or twice during summer break, but 16-0 is just not real down to earth. When we believe in ourselves, we’ve got the best darned team this side of the US-of-A. And, like old coach McCoy used to say, when we go out there and have fun, we’re already winners! With that in mind, we’re a shoe-in for 14-2!

Oh, and Tony, congrats!! You thought I forgot about you? Your catch today was a school record! Man alive, it’s been a ball playin’ by your side season after season. You

All in on 3. One—Two—Three! GOOOOoooooooOOOOO BOLTS!

-Goro “Meet up at Appleby’s in 15 minutes” Saurus.