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Chargers-Dolphins Final Score: Los Angeles Chargers Lose to the Miami Dolphins 19-17

NFL: Miami Dolphins at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

1st Quarter

Chargers started the game on offense and quickly went 3 and out. The Dolphins were able to move the ball well both through the air and on the ground, driving down to kick a field goal and take the early lead. Both teams then had a few drives that fizzled. At the end of the 1st, the Chargers were driving, thanks in part to a big Punt Return from Travis Benjamin, and made it to just outside the redzone.

Score: 3-0 Dolphins

2nd Quarter

Chargers couldn’t convert a 1st down or get the touchdown and Younghoe Koo converted a field goal to tie up the game at 3 points. After forcing another punt, the Chargers were able to drive down and scored on a short touchdown run from Melvin Gordon. With less than a minute left the Chargers drove down inside the redzone again, however on 3rd and 1, Rivers was sacked for an 8-yard loss which set up a 43 yard field goal attempt which Younghoe Koo missed wide right. The Dolphins tried a couple deep shots but couldn’t score before the half.

Score: 10-3 Chargers

3rd Quarter

Dolphins get the ball to start the 2nd half and quickly make it past the 50-yard line thanks to a dumb personal foul from Tre Boston. Cutler makes the most of it and finds Kenny Stills with 1 on 1 coverage from Jatavis Brown, a mismatch, for a long touchdown pass. The Chargers responded with a near-perfect drive finishing with a Rivers to Antonio Gates Touchdown to give Gates the all-time Receiving Touchdown Record for Tight Ends, 112. Great moment. The whole offense dogpiled on him in the Endzone in celebration. On the following drive Ingram saved 4 points with a sack on 3rd down in the red zone, Dolphins settle for 3.

Score: 17-13 Chargers

4th Quarter

Chargers start the quarter mid-drive, Joe Barksdale goes down and is replaced by Chris Hairston. Hairston almost immediately gets called for a hold that negated a 1st down, creates a 3rd and long, Punt. Dolphins complete a long drive but once again the Chargers defense buckles down in the red zone and forces another field goal. After a poor return, and penalty to make it worse, the Chargers were forced to punt without killing much clock and the Dolphins took over just outside Charger territory with 3:02 and 2 timeouts left. The Dolphins get far enough to attempt a 54 yard field goal with 1:10 left. Kick is good. Dolphins up 19-17 with 1:05 and 2 timeouts for the Chargers. Chargers get the ball out to the 20. 1:01 left. 13-yard pass to Keenan Allen over the middle followed by a quick TO. :55 and 1 TO remaining. 17-yard pass to Hunter Henry, who gets out of bounds, :50 left. 10 yard pass over the middle to Gordon, clock keeps running. Chargers run a play, the clock stops at :24, but Dolphins 5 yard penalty and automatic 1st down for the Chargers. Keenan Allen gets 4 more yards over the middle. Final TO called :19 left, Chargers on the 26. Rivers moves the ball to the middle of the hashes and goes down, but the Dolphins call TO for no reason. Younghoe Koo misses his 2nd field goal attempt of the game, wide right. This team may be cursed.

19-17 Dolphins Win.

Quick Notes:

  • Special Teams was much improved this week, save for the Koo missed field goals.
  • Defense still having problems with tackling
  • Too many times LB’s matched up with WR’s in coverage
  • Hayes Pullard is still playing too many snaps