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The most surprising part of the Chargers season so far is... Kenny Wiggins

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Richard Wade: We are only a week into the season, but there have already been plenty of surprises (and sadly plenty of things we have come to expect). What has been the biggest surprise to you through game 1, though?

Jamie Sewell: Kenny Wiggins. Nobody really thought that he'd even be on the roster after the preseason, and he's turned into an important part of the starting OL, to the point where a Kenny Wiggins injury is a big concern. I didn't see that coming.

Garrett Sisti: For me it's easy. The fact the Kenny Wiggins not only has taken a step forward in his progression when it looked bleak for years now but also being one of the Chargers best Offensive Lineman.

Richard: The biggest surprise has to be that the Chargers offensive line was actually able to more/less hold their own against the Broncos front seven. The offensive production might suggest otherwise, but they were mostly very capable in Monday night's loss in Denver. Kenny Wiggins, in particular, looks like a legitimate starting NFL offensive lineman and I do not think anyone could have seen that coming at the end of last season.

Ruben J. Gonzalez: Well, I would have to say I was surprised at how unprepared the offense looked thru the first 3 quarters of Monday's game. The ball was having to be snapped with 1 second on the play clock. There seemed to be an audible called by Philip on every play. It felt like it was the Broncos dictating too much what play the Chargers would run, rather than this explosive offense telling the defense come stop us. I cringed most of that game. I think Whisenhunt's creativity is on zero.

Louis Gorini: I was most surprised by the usage of Hunter Henry so far and the infatuation with throwing Gates out there instead of Henry. Henry helps that offense so much with his run blocking and his ability to be an intermediate threat. He keeps defenses honest because of this. Not sure why the Chargers aren't using him as a weapon more

Ryan Doyle: The defensive play calling. I couldn't believe that players like Melvin Ingram and Brandon Mebane dropping into coverage. The first impression of Gus Bradley was not a good one. Trevor Siemian is not a good quarterback and he moved the ball down the field with ease for most of the game. I felt the defense would be much improved, but it looked as if it lost a step in week one. There is still plenty of time to right the ship, but I don't have the confidence in Bradley.

Matthew Stanley: I think the biggest surprise for me so far was how different of a one-score loss that was from last season. It wasn't the Chargers taking an early lead, then the defense bending too much while the offense gets put in neutral and they lose the game at the last minute. The Chargers were getting pretty well handled for 3 quarters and fought like hell in the 4th quarter to create turnovers and score. Maybe I'm being overly positive, but I think that's at least something to be encouraged by.

Jason Michaels: I was surprised at the potency of the defense--when motivated. When they had to step up or die, they really did turn it on. I think that will build confidence that will pay dividends

Kyle Posey: Biggest surprise was the Broncos WRs winning that handily against the Chargers corners. Even on the non-targets, they were out of position, especially Jason Verrett.

What surprised you most this week?