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3 Bad Bounces Cost Chargers Against Broncos

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Monday night felt like the same old story with a little more hope than usual. On one hand, the Chargers clawed themselves out of a self-inflicted cave that, at one point, only seemed like Talia al Ghul could climb out of. On the other, it was the same old conservative offense, bend and hope it doesn’t break defense, and clusterf*ck special teams. Let’s start with the 3 bad bounces that completely turn the game around for the Chargers.

Catch it, Casey!

For a guy like Casey Hayward, there’s no explanation for dropping an interception right in his hands. If you’re making a list, you won’t find 5 corners in the league with better ball skills. Yet:

That takes place at 10:55 in the 1st quarter. If he catches that, he trots into the end zone. More importantly, Trevor Sieman goes into a shell. He’s not taking any chances the rest of the game.

Challenge, anyone?!?

The next one is on the Coaches. Melvin Ingram, who was the best player on the field, beats his man and forces a fumble. This is not a would-be fumble. It’s a fumble. Here’s a close up of the rush. Ingram Simply out-athleted the Broncos tackles all night.

Here’s the pass:

Siemian released the ball on the 47-yard line. The ball lands on the 44. If it was close, okay, maybe save the challenge. This wasn’t! This should’ve been a no-brainer! Instead of 2nd & 21, it’s 2nd & 10 and 7 players later Denver scores.

Everyone to the ball

I feel like these things only happen to bad teams. Call it luck. Call it whatever you’d like. Good teams capitalize on the way the ball bounces. Tre Boston shows off some range and flies up to jar the ball loose. It pops up in the air, unfortunately for the Chargers, nobody was able to take advantage.

Coaches preach 11 guys to the ball for this exact reason. You never know which way it’s going to bounce. It hung up there for a good bet. Instead of getting the ball around the 30 there, the Chargers get it and end up punting on the ensuing possession. Poor punt coverage leads to a short-field and a Denver touchdown.

These plays add up. For the Chargers, it cost them. Tomorrow I’ll be back with the coaching blunders.