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The Re-Charge Launches

BFTB is excited to help launch a new L.A Chargers multi-media platform.

Fellow BFTB staff writers Ruben J. Gonzalez, Matthew Stanley and Nathan Graber-Lipperman put together a new and exciting way to get your L.A Chargers fix. The show is intended to not only recap the previous week but also preview the next game. It's meant to get you in and out, in hopefully a fast pace style that you can enjoy wherever you are.

This will be a weekly video that will come out on game day or the day before. We hope you enjoy it.

You can find us on Twitter:
Matthew - @boltfanindenver
Ruben - @sportsman11
Nathan - @nathangl99

*Please excuse the audio for this first episode as the technical difficulties were out of our control. We will have this issue fixed for the next episode. Basically you’re going to have to play with the audio slider and crank the volume for Ruben, then turn it down for Matthew. Again, very sorry, we didn’t realize it was doing this until we finished recording and were editing.