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Chargers at Broncos: Week 1 Staff Predictions

NFL: Denver Broncos at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Doyle: The Los Angeles Chargers’ defense bails out Philip Rivers as they force Trevor Siemian to throw three interceptions. Melvin Gordon has a big game as the injuries to the Denver Broncos’ defensive line take their toll. Antonio Gates breaks Tony Gonzalez’ record on the first offensive drive. Chargers 27 - 24 Broncos

Matthew Stanley: I said a few days ago I think 24-13 Chargers but I don't think the game will be that high scoring. Both defenses will do a good job, but I think Trevor Siemian commits a couple turnovers and the Chargers are able to do enough offensively to get the W. Chargers 20 - 13 Broncos

Richard Wade: The Chargers are underdogs for a reason, but Trevor Siemian is awful and the Chargers’ defense with Joey Bosa, Melvin Ingram, Jason Verrett, and Casey Hayward all healthy should be too much for him to handle. I like the Chargers in a close game. Chargers 20 - 17 Broncos

Cody Young: I'm optimistic to start the season, as always. The Broncos will be getting the Chargers at full strength, and I believe the Chargers have what it takes to pull out a W. Jason Verrett and Casey Hayward will be on the field together and will take advantage of Trevor Siemian. Chargers 21 - 10 Broncos

Michael Peterson: Chargers in a one-score victory with the Bolts O and Denver defense trading big plays. Gordon is fed heavily and Rivers takes advantage of having Keenan Allen against Denver for the first time since 2014. Siemian can't orchestrate much while being harassed on the edges. Chargers 24 - 17 Broncos

Nathan Graber-Lipperman: The Broncos slide to the bottom of the division is in full effect, but I have a feeling the defense comes to play Monday night. still, the Chargers at full strength in the first game of the season should be frustratingly amazing, which makes it hurt more when everything goes to crap in three weeks. still, I got the boys in bolts making noise in a close one. Chargers 21 - 17 Broncos

Ruben J. Gonzalez: I've got the Chargers winning. I believe Trevor Siemian will have some problems with the pass rush and its gonna lead to some ints. This will be a coming out party for the Chargers CB tandem of Verrett and Hayward. The offense is still too healthy to be contained for a whole game. Expect to be happy by the end of the night. Chargers 24 - 13 Broncos

John Gennaro: I think this one ends up being a blowout in favor of the Chargers. Their offense has too many weapons and they're going to against a defense in the transition away from Wade Phillips, not to mention a Denver offense that will struggle to put points on the board. I'm thinking Chargers win when it's all said and done. Chargers 31 - 13 Broncos

Daniel Stebbins: Chargers come out firing and score on their first drive. Hit a lull and fall behind but after the half, they find their rhythm and win going away. Broncos strong CB group and Von Miller aren't enough to stop the onslaught of healthy weapons LAC has right now while their offense just isn't good at all. Chargers 34 - 13 Broncos

Louis Gorini: The Chargers are getting the Broncos while Denver is banged up. LA will have success running the ball but I still feel like the Broncos pass rush and secondary will be to over powering for the Bolts offense. I am currently in a see-it-to-believe-it mode when it comes to the Chargers O line. LA's defense will keep them in it and make it a close game but I still think Denver prevails. Broncos 24 - 20 Chargers

Jamie Hoyle: I think the Broncos keep this close for around three quarters before their depleted front seven gives way to a steady diet of Melvin Gordon in the fourth quarter. I see 25-30 carries and 150 total yards for Gordon, a pair of Trevor Siemian turnovers leading to short fields for the Chargers, and the Bolts pulling away late thanks to a Gordon touchdown run. Chargers 23 - 13 Broncos

Aaron Woolley: I think the Chargers will ultimately win this game. They have the far superior quarterback who also has all of his weapons healthy. The Chargers offensive line is an issue, but Ken Whisenhunt has shown an ability to craft a game plan that is predicated on Rivers getting the ball out quickly. Denver will lead for most of the game, but a quick score ending with an MG3 TD run early in the 4th will turn the game around to favor the visiting team. Bosa and Melvin Ingram will come out with a sack or two each, and I wouldn't be surprised if Hayward and Verrett also record a pick each.

Garrett Sisti: We've heard all preseason long about the problems the Broncos have had on the edges and Monday night Bosa & Ingram take advantage. The Broncos D holds strong all game long but I think their quarterback puts them in some bad spots with some turnovers. Chargers win the field position battle and the game. Chargers 24 - 13 Broncos

Jamie Sewell: The Chargers defense is going to win this one for them, intercepting Trevor Siemian twice and forcing a fumble to go with it. Melvin Gordon should have a good day on the ground, and Keenan Allen is back and going to prove that he's for real. Chargers 27 - 17 Broncos

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