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PODCAST: Reviewing the Los Angeles Chargers’ 2017 Schedule

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When you go through the Chargers’ 2017 schedule, you realize how important it will be for the team to play well at StubHub Center.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers Press Conference Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I usually go through the Los Angeles Chargers regular season schedule game-by-game as soon as it comes out. This year, with so much uncertainty surrounding the team (and my own fandom), I didn’t. I waited until today.

So, I did my usual thing in today’s podcast. I looked at the schedule with fresh eyes and came up with predictions for games I think the team will win and ones I think they’ll lose. There were quite a few things in there that scared me, including:

  • An overly difficult road schedule
  • Three sets of back-to-back road games
  • Three different “short weeks” heading into games

You’ll have to listen to get my quick breakdown of each game, but I basically settled on the team having to go 7-1 at home if they want to make the playoffs this year. That’s a tall task and one that nobody can exactly predict right now since they’re playing in a stadium that has never housed an NFL game.

Here’s to hoping!