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Sports Illustrated’s Los Angeles Chargers Preview Is Terrible

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NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at San Diego Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

This morning Sports Illustrated’s Andy Benoit wrote the season preview for the Chargers in their form of "10 things you need to know." Andy has been known to have either scoring hot takes or captain obvious takes. There's really no in between with him.

His first point was “Philip Rivers threw too many interceptions last year.” Then went on to ramble about the receiver depth and how it won’t be a problem this year. Bold, Andy.

Two things led to a strong sophomore season by 2015 first-round running back Melvin Gordon. One was the addition of his former college teammate Derek Watt at fullback. Gordon had run predominantly out of two-back sets with Watt at Wisconsin. Getting him more carries here early last season helped him find a comfort zone. The other: as the year progressed, Gordon’s comfort zone expanded to include running out of one-back sets

That was his 2nd point. This is funny to me as it reads as "they gave him the ball" in a lot of words. Gordon was more physical in his 2nd year. He did a much better job of refusing to go down on 1st contact. He gained confidence from it and it carried over into every carry. Hopefully, in year 3 we see Gordon's role continue to expand as a receiver.

After a couple other no-brainer points Benoit asks the question what type of run scheme will the team feature this year? It's a great question. Going from 2 guards that move at turtle speed in D.J. Fluker and Orlando Franklin to Slauson and whoever starts opposite of him, preferably Feeney, gives you a lot more flexibility. Hopefully, we'll see a lot less pulling and a lot more zone. Allow Gordon to get downhill fast and not worry about stopping his feet in the backfield.

After a yet another contradiction, Benoit hits us with a bomb by saying Joey Bosa is the 3rd best edge rusher in the game behind Von Miller and Khalil Mack. Now we're cookin'. Clowney, Mercilus, Chandler Jones, the Trio in Seattle, Danielle Hunter, Ezekiel Ansah, there’s so many. I don't think we've seen the best of Bosa. He might take a step back in production, but he'll grow as a player this year.

The last point was peak Andy Benoit. It was a very knuckleheaded thing to end on:

It was surprising to see the Chargers sign ex-Panther coverage safety Tre Boston and spend a fourth-round pick on safety Rayshawn Jenkins.

You know why? Because of Adrian Phillips. I have no words. There are so many things wrong here. I'll leave it at if Phillips is starting on your defense your defense isn't going to be a good unit.

Here is the entire article. Check it out and let us know what you think about the article.