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10 Years of Being a Chargers Fan

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I have now been a fan of football (and the Chargers) for 10 years.

I really started getting into football during the 2007 season, when the Chargers went to the playoffs, Rivers tore his ACL, and Tomlinson sat on the sideline sulking as the Patriots put the game away.

When I started watching the Chargers, Philip Rivers was still very new as a starter, and my dad and I would cover our eyes when he’d throw a bomb because quite often, they were bombs (and not the good kind).

I only watched one season where LT was still a good running back, but strangely, I really don’t remember much of him outside of what happened during the playoff loss to the Patriots, and his subsequent “meh,” seasons before he wasn’t re-signed and left for the Jets.

Ever since then, the Chargers have been probably one of the most frustrating teams in the league. If you look at their production on the field, it doesn’t match the teams they have fielded and the talent that you’d have to be blind not to notice.

The Chargers had a run of years where they would start out terribly but get hot and finish the season on huge runs of wins, but it was never enough for them to crack into the Super Bowl.

The Chargers have fielded some great players, including Philip Rivers, who if he doesn’t win a Super Bowl, will go down as a guy like Dan Marino... one of the best ever to play, but without that elusive Super Bowl victory. I watched him make the pro-bowl 6 times, not even including times he declined due to personal reasons/injuries. I watched as his family steadily grew.

I was watching when Cromartie ran back that kick 109 yards for the longest play in NFL history (which, by the way, was 10 years ago).

I watched as the Chargers had Peyton Manning’s number in the 2008 season, and when the Chargers fell to LT’s future Jets in 2009.

I’ve stayed with the team as they've gone 51-61 in the last 7 seasons, including the last two dreadful seasons ravaged by injuries.

Speaking of injuries, the worst one for me was Keenan Allen’s last season. All of the hype leading up to the season, just for him to play in one half and have his season horrifically cut short. The look on his face completely matched what I felt inside.

Over 10 years, the Chargers have had a mix of good teams, bad teams, injured teams, healthy teams. They’ve let players go who I loved, and brought in players who I grew to love. They’ve signed terrible players to big money and let great guys go away for less than the Chargers should have given them.

One of my favorite memories over the last 10 years was when UCLA played Baylor in the Education Bowl in San Diego at Qualcomm, despite their loss. I got to march onto the field that my heroes played on every Sunday.

The Chargers are frustrating as hell, but I proudly have two stickers on my car showing my dedication to the team through thick and thin, and despite all the drama and heartbreak, I will always be a Chargers fan. Whether or not they go back to San Diego, stay in LA, or go somewhere else, I will support them until my last breath.

This was my dorm my freshman year of college, while I roomed with a Raider’s fan.

Thank you, Chargers, for a fantastic 10 years. Here is to 10 more.