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What Is Your Favorite LaDainian Tomlinson Moment?

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Oakland Raiders v San Diego Chargers Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Richard: With LaDainian Tomlinson going into the Hall of Fame, I have to ask, what is your favorite LT moment?

Matthew Stanley: I don't think I'll ever forget when LT scored the touchdown to break the single season TD record. But I think my favorite is still the play where LT had broken free and was running down the sideline with one guy to beat and Tim Dwight comes out of nowhere, blazes past LT and makes the final block to free him for a TD.

Cody Young: My favorite memory has to be the game against the Broncos when he broke the touchdown record. Not just that moment, but the whole game. My dad is a Broncos fan and we were watching the game. It was an incredible performance from LT, and as the time was running down I remember thinking the record would have to wait another week. Then the Chargers got the ball back in Broncos territory, and I, along with every Chargers fan, knew it was happening. The excitement leading up to the score, Lorenzo Neal falling down to start the play, the team lifting LT up on their shoulders. An iconic moment to end the perfect game, creating a perfect memory. I'll never forget it.

Roger Hinojosa: His TD passes were all great. I can’t forget the one against the Raiders that he tossed to Drew Brees. My favorite moment though has to be when LT juked Ty Law back to common law. He absolutely destroyed Law’s ankles. I’ll never forget that juke and neither will Ty Law.

Ruben J. Gonzalez: I'll try and make this quick... So one of my best buddies went to training camp one year and waited for after practice to introduce his son to LT. He told him, this is my son and his name is LaDainian, after you... Fast forward to about 3 years ago and I'm listening to some national sports talk show and they are interviewing LT and they ask him what's the wildest thing you ever experienced at training camp, and he referenced meeting the first person named after him. I already knew the back story and as I listened my jaw completely dropped and I was absolutely positive he was talking about my buddy. I told my friend and he found the replay and it was exactly how he remembered it also. Awesome.

Louis Gorini: LT breaking the record is, of course, my favorite memory of LT. But for the sake of being different; one of my favorite LT moments is when the Chargers were playing the Redskins in DC. The game went to overtime. LT busted through the line and was being pursued by Washington's safety. The safety went for a diving tackle to bring Tomlinson down and LT literally took the player by the neck and threw the guy down like a rag doll while maintaining his speed and balance as he went in for the game winning score. I remember jumping up and be like holy S*!%t

Tell us your favorite LaDainian Tomlinson moment in the comments!