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PODCAST: Happy Birthday, Mike Williams!

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The Chargers continue to lose the #FightForLA by making PR mistakes, Jason Verrett returns from the PUP list, and a kickers' battle is brewing in Costa Mesa.

Oh, Chargers. Don’t ever change.

Even when you traded in the “San Diego Chargers” and “Los Angeles Chargers”, and left the most influential members of your PR staff behind (their choice, I know), I’m glad that you still have found ways to totally and utterly embarrass yourself.

In a perfect work, this week would be dominated by headlines about how great Joey Bosa looks, and the revamped offensive line, and Mike Williams looking like the steal of the draft. Instead....

Of course.

Fortunately(!), Jason Verrett is back at Chargers Training Camp and off the PUP list. Also, the team’s best kicker might be named “Younghoe”. These are all topics I hit in today’s podcast...

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