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Possible Los Angeles Chargers Free Agent Signings

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NFL: San Diego Chargers at Cleveland Browns Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

There's going to be a wave of cuts coming up and, naturally, fans are going to want to sign everyone. Let's start with the big one. This morning it was reported that Joe Haden has been cut by the Browns. Should the Chargers have interest? Minimal. Haden is not subject to waivers so he is free to sign wherever. Last year he was not good and the year before he was worse. What I did for Bleacher report last year was watch CBs and grade them PFF style. He can't run. He doesn't have any juice left.

Haden shouldn't be playing on the outside. He'll likely be delegated to a slot corner role and play much better there. He'll also look better as he's not chasing the #1 receiver all over the field. He was doing that last year and it was painful. They had him on Odell Beckham, Antonio Brown, it just wasn't good. Check this out against the Steelers last year.

The tricky thing here is Desmond King is waiting in the wings and needs to be developed. He's also going to be much cheaper. I say pass on Haden.

If there's a corner that they bring in that could possibly be cut, go younger and bring in Kyle Fuller from the Bears. He's never lived up to his talent, but playing in a more talented secondary always helps guys out.

How about Cyrus Kouandjio?

He was signed by the Lions and didn't even make it to the regular season. That's not a great look. We discussed this back in May. I still think he would be an upgrade as a swing tackle and we all know at some point he'll have to play because...Chargers. I say yes. If he's not better than Chris Hairston or Burwell in practice then cut him. No harm no foul.

Backup running back?

I still think this is a big need for the team. There will be somebody cut that is an upgrade over whomever the Chargers current backup ends up being. Branden Oliver is serviceable. But that can do better than that. I wish Ryan Mathews, a recent cut, wasn't fresh off of neck surgery. I think the team can use a power back. Alfred Morris of the Cowboys is a possible cut nominee since they have a bunch of young guys. That's a name to keep an eye on. Outside of that, the Patriots are likely to cut a talented player. He's not a power back but Dion Lewis might fall victim to a numbers game.

Linebacker is still a problem

I do like Korey Toomer but he is still prone to mistakes. They have had some young guys look better than expected at the strong side linebacker position but there is still room for improvement. So both positions outside of Jatavis Brown could stand to get better.

Last week the Saints beat writer mentioned 2015 1st round pick Stephone Anthony is on the roster bubble. He's struggling to beat out their group of linebackers, including Manti Te'o. Yes, that's bad. A change of scenery could be all Anthony needs. The talent is there. Sean Spence of the Colts is another body they might look to bring in for competition.

Help inside?

The team should always be looking to upgrade. In a dream situation, Sheldon Richardson is cut and is the teams starting 3 technique the next day. Realistically, that's not going to happen for a handful of reasons. Getting a veteran like Lamarr Houston who could be cut by the Bears as he's buried on the depth chart can help. He's played outside linebacker, defensive end, and even tackle. He's 300 pounds and at the tail end of his career but he could add some value to the team.

Are there any possible cuts or players that you'd like to see the team sign?