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18 Takeaways from the Los Angeles Chargers-Los Angeles Rams Game

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NFL: Los Angeles Chargers at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Richard Wade: Okay, everyone. Send me your two biggest takeaways from the Chargers-Rams game.

Ryan Doyle: The difference a quarterback can make. With Philip Rivers starting, the Chargers offense was nearly perfect. The team needed a positive performance and they got one.

Also, the duo of Joey Bosa and Melvin Ingram. It's been the talk all offseason but we finally got a sneak preview against the Rams. With these two coming off the edge, it's hard to find a better pass rushing combo.

Michael Peterson: Keenan Allen looks like his old self. Five catches in limited action. Moved the chains. Had his way with the defense.

Cardale Jones looked a bit more poised but that's nothing to be excited about. Played it safe and completed some nice balls. Still, don't know if he wins the backup role but it was a step in the right direction

Jason Michaels: My two biggest takeaways are that the Los Angeles Chargers have a legitimate chance to be taken seriously this year. The same line is said every year, but if injuries don't mess everything up, they've got a great first team.

Second, the Rams are not dramatically improved over their sad 2016 season. They'll be lucky to get 7-9, with a plus/minus of 1. The Chargers look like a 9-7 team, with a plus/minus of 3.

Cody Young: My first takeaway was that if Philip Rivers ever gets hurt, the Chargers are toast. I mean we all know they would be in trouble without Rivers, but my goodness. They may never score another point. To be serious though, I thought Kenny Wiggins performed well. At the very least I'm a little more confident that he can perform adequately in the regular season.

Another thing to take note of was Cardale Jones. That was by far his best performance as a Charger. He's clearly becoming more confident in his understanding of the offense. It was good to see out of him.

Ruben J. Gonzalez: Biggest takeaway is this WR Corp is gonna be lethal. When everybody gets healthy, this includes Mike Williams, and I am looking at you Tyrell Williams, there's gonna be some real flight in this passing game. Keenan is back and Travis Benjamin has come home.

Another takeaway is I like what I am seeing from Melvin Gordon. He's running violently and it's looking more and more that his rookie year was the year that was a fluke.

Jamie Sewell: Biggest takeaway is that Jahleel Addae is going to play at close to a Pro Bowl level this year, and I'm going to be unbearably smug when he does. Addae is really important to this defense this year. My second takeaway is that Austin Ekeler needs a shot next week. He's the only backup RB who's actually created anything when given the rock. They've wasted too many carries on Andre Williams because they could have something really good in Ekeler. Hopefully, it's not too late to find out.

Kyle Posey: I think this defense is going to be one of the faster ones in recent memory. It'll also be a bend but don't break that will rely on turnovers.

Gordon is in store for a big year. He's moving really well and should be a top 5 back this year.

Louis Gorini: For my two biggest takeaways from Saturday’s game I will lead with the bad before the good. The bad; the Chargers will have trouble stopping the run. The middle of their defense is soft and the line backers need to adjust to playing in a new system and will be out of place sometimes.

The good Gordon showed good vision, patience, and better lateral agility than he has in the past. If the o line can be just average he is going to blow up this year

Nathan Graber-Lipperman: The Rivers-to-Allen connection is back and strong as ever. 13 was consistently beating his man, wide open as always. It was just nice seeing the pair chop it up on the sideline after scoring, with the main difference from the last one-and-a-half years being that Keenan had his uniform on.

Yeah, the Rams rested a lot of their starters. But I was much more impressed from the push the offensive line was getting on a consistent basis compared to the two weeks prior. Dare I say the right side was opening up holes? Yup, the Rams backups made Chris Hairston and Kenny Wiggins look good. Let's hope it carries over.