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Preseason Game 3 Chargers vs. the Rams: What to watch for on Offense.

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What to watch when the Chargers have the ball

Detroit Lions v San Diego Chargers Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

In a press conference the other day head coach Anthony Lynn said expect to see the starters play for a half. That's good news for the fans as there's been some bad offensive football. They'll be facing a good Rams defense, even if they're suffering a couple injuries and the Aaron Donald holdout. The Chargers won't see talented edge rusher Robert Quinn. The Rams will also be missing their 2nd and 3rd corners due to injury. Here's a few things to watch for in tomorrow’s final tune up for the starters.

Stop with the sacks

One things Lynn was harping on after last week’s game was the amount of sacks the team gave up. He referenced "when you get a sack on offense, the odds you score drop to 7%." I'm not sure if that's true but it sounds great.


That's the number of sacks the Chargers gave up to a Saints defensive line that honestly isn't all that good. The Rams do have a couple of talented players against both the run and the pass so this will be a big challenge for the Chargers offensive line.

Last week Kenny Wiggins, who is still the starting right guard, had an unacceptable sack where it looked like he wasn't even trying. Getting beat by more talented players will happen. But those type of sacks can't happen. Limiting the Rams starters to 2 sacks should be the goal.

Chunk plays

There has been a few. Travis Benjamin a couple games ago. A couple routes to Hunter Henry. I'll be interested to see if the Chargers are able to take advantage of being more talented on the perimeter and get a couple explosive plays during the first half. The route combinations involving both Henry and Gates have worked early on. Keenan Allen appears to be the safety blanket underneath. How about Tyrell Williams, will he make any splash plays? He's about due. I know he made some in the joint practices.

3 pass plays over 20 yards is a good goal.

Ground game goin'

So far the ground game with Melvin Gordon has been fine. Not fair to judge last Sunday's game since both starting tackles were out. Especially for a team that likes to get to the edge. The good news is he shook the rookie out of Marshon Lattimore. He had a similar shake on Richard Sherman the week prior. Will be looking to see if Gordon can keep up the jukes in space.

Would like to see him get 10-15 carries. That seems high but developing some sort of rhythm will be good for the offense. This is going to be a tough test up front for the line so Gordon will have plenty of chances to make guys miss.

Any match-ups you guys are looking forward to specifically?