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16 Takeaways from the Los Angeles Chargers-New Orleans Saints Game

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NFL: New Orleans Saints at Los Angeles Chargers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Richard Wade: Okay, everyone. Send me your two biggest takeaways from the Chargers-Saints game.

Matthew Stanley:

1) Desmond King looks like a steal. He continues to make plays all over the field.

2) Fire all the QBs not named Philip Rivers and start over.

Kyle Posey:

1) Chargers don't have the depth to compete. Someone will get hurt. When that happens, it'll be another lost cause

2) Same old Chargers on defense. Just from that touchdown run to start the game. Melvin Ingram runs too far up field. Creates running lane. Play-side LB who shouldn't be on the field gets engulfed & driven back a million yards out of the play. The last line of defense can't make a tackle.

Louis Gorini:

My two takeaways from last nights game are not positive.

1. Pay attention fantasy football owners. Stream any running backs that play the Chargers defense. It looks like teams are going to be able to run on the Chargers due to Denzel Perryman's injury and Liuget still being below average. Chargers replacements for Perryman are either undersized or inexperienced.

2. Same ol’ Chargers- Chargers have serious issues a long the offense line. They have no quality swing tackle whatsoever and if, correction, when, their tackles get hurt Rivers is going to get killed. And the starters are nothing to write home about either.

Garrett Sisti:

1) If Joe Barksdale or Russell Okung go down with an injury the Chargers are in real trouble. When teams start making cuts there will be at least 5 OTs available that are better than their current "swing tackles."

2) Chris McCain has been the most consistent pass rusher in the first two preseason games. As of today, he's making the 53.

Derrick Browne:

1. Depth is a real concern at almost every position on the roster. The Chargers might just be the most top-heavy team in the league. They have a lot of guys at 2nd and 3rd string who wouldn't even make the 53 of another team.

2. Damion Square and Chris McCain are the only d-linemen not named Joey Bosa or Melvin Ingram that have stood out to me through these first 2 games

Nathan Graber-Lipperman:

1) Tom Telesco should just trade all of his third-round picks to acquire more fifth-rounders. If Kyle Emmanuel keeps improving, even marginally, and if Desmond King can make a similar impact to Jatavis Brown last year (with all signs pointing towards go), we have officially found TT's Sweet spot.

2) The Cardale Jones Experiment has been nice, but it's quite apparent that he's a project in every sense of the term. As terrible as Kellen Clemens is, it's really hard to justify keeping Jones over him since they both just look like trash.

Michael Peterson:

1. Desmond King is giving me life during this preseason. He is exhibiting all the traits I expected from him although he wasn't the athlete everyone expected him to be. He found his niche and he's excelling at it.

2. The depth on the O-Line has left me jaded and dumbfounded. There cannot be this much of a drop-off between first and second-string players. How did the team end up with a lot of helpless back-ups? I don't get it. Gotta do a better job collecting depth before I punch my television.

Jamie Hoyle:

1) The effort level was a major concern for the defense last week, this week the OL took the game off. I thought Pulley and Wiggins played pretty well, but the rest of the first team line was bullied for much of the game. That is discouraging considering the Chargers have a serious lack of competitive depth on the offensive line.

2) Nick Dzubnar has no business starting in the middle of that defense. He's too small, too slow and simply can't shed blocks. I have to believe the situation will resolve its self sooner than later, but I struggle to see what the coaches see in him to have elevated him above Toomer on the depth chart, even if it was for just one preseason game.