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BREAKING: Los Angeles Chargers 2nd Round Pick Forrest Lamp Has a Torn ACL

How does this keep happening.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Chargers are in day 4 of training camp and they have had their first big blow.

Lamp went down earlier in practice and was carted off the field. There were hopes that maybe this was just a precaution, as Lamp was seen limping from the cart into the medical tent, but it appears the worst has happened.

A torn ACL means Lamp is done for the season. That means the Chargers could now be without their first 2 picks from the 2017 draft for their rookie seasons.

Lamp was likely to be an even bigger impact for the team than even Mike Williams this year. He will now spend his rookie season watching from the sidelines.

This is pretty devastating to a team that has had so many injury woes the last few years. Lamp was healthy his entire career in college. For this to happen so early in training camp is just awful and somewhat surprising.

If you are desperate for a silver lining, I guess you can look at the fact that this has happened early enough that Lamp can get surgery and hopefully be on track to participate in the full offseason program next year. The other silver lining is the team doubled down on interior offensive line, and Dan Feeney has been impressing in camp. Couple that with the fact that the team has confidence in Spencer Pulley at Center, and the Chargers should still have a vastly improved offensive line with Russel Okung, and Feeney joining the starting lineup.