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Los Angeles Chargers Rookie G Forrest Lamp Carted Off the Field

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L.A. Chargers rookie Guard Forrest Lamp could miss significantly time after sustaining a right leg injury at Training Camp today.

NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Because Chargers.

It gets worse.

The mention of the cart is not good. Not good, at all. Hopefully, it's not as serious and this is precautionary. At the same time, that feels naive. I was very excited to watch and thought he would be the best lineman the Chargers had in years. This team really can't seem to catch a break.

Mike Williams, the 1st round pick, won't suit up during the preseason and perhaps will start on the PUP list. That will cause him to miss the 1st 6 games unless the team brings him back. Whenever there is a mention of a cart that's far more serious. As far as I am aware, Forrest Lamp didn't miss any major time during in his college career with an injury. He did sit out the Senior Bowl with an ankle injury. That's an all-star game though.

Thankfully, the Chargers have some depth. They're all young. Lamp was going to start sooner than later. But somebody is going to have to step up now if he's out for a long period of time.

Hope for the best.