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ESPN Rates Anthony Lynn’s Job Security

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Spoiler Alert: He’s Safe

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN recently compiled a list of all 32 NFL head coaches and rated their respective job security. Taking into account each team’s recent history and expected trajectory, the list included few surprises. What might be surprising is that the AFC West is projected to be the most stable division in the league.

The Chargers’ Anthony Lynn shouldn't have to worry about his seat this year. Outside of the league’s darlings of dysfunction (Browns and 49ers), it’s incredibly rare for a team to can a first-year head coach.

"The Chargers hired Lynn in January after parting ways with Mike McCoy. With the franchise relocating to Los Angeles, the Chargers likely will be somewhat patient with Lynn. However, in the team's self-proclaimed battle for L.A., Lynn will have to get things going before the Chargers move into new digs at Inglewood stadium in 2020".

Meanwhile, with a new contract for the division’s longest tenured coach, Andy Reid, it appears that the Chiefs are quite content with their situation.

The ink is still wet from the contract that the Broncos offered Vance Joseph in January. He was specially selected by John Elway, so even a disappointing season isn’t likely to affect much.

The least secure is Jack Del Rio of the Raiders. More clearly, he is considered almost as untouchable as the other three, with one caveat. With the staggering success that Carr has brought to the Raiders, they really couldn’t be happier. However, a complete implosion would light a fire under his seat. It still likely would not be enough to earn him the boot, but you never really know.

All evidence points to this being a period of general peace in the West (as far as the coaching carousel goes), but there can be only one winner each year. As we learn a bit more about the Broncos and Chargers rebuilds, we’ll see just how many faces are likely to still be around in three years’ time.

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