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Los Angeles Chargers Practice Summary From the New Orleans Saints Reporters Perspective

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NFL: New Orleans Saints at San Diego Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

We usually are updated from practice from either ‘s Ricky Henne, ESPN’s Eric Williams, or our own Lightning Round twins. I thought it’d be cool to share some tweets from some of the Saints beat writers and get their insight from today’ joint practice.

Barksdale apparently left practice after he limped off with an ankle injury.

That’s the Saints best corner & he was playing very well before an injury last year. This is where I wish we had video so we can see the receiver and the route. Yes, I’m assuming Rivers threw that.

The catch is on the Chargers website. Here it is:

So, pretty good day for 13 it sounds like. That Kristian guy said Allen also drew a holding call in the end zone. If this team has any chance of playing into January Keenan needs to be healthy.

The tweets about the offensive line were positive mostly. The tackles had trouble blocking Jordan but it was both backups in Burwell & Hairston.

The Saints guys were raving about the Chargers defensive line.

In practice, they have red-zone periods that usually consist of about 10 plays or so. The defense didn’t allow a score.

Bosa will be better this year. If he has the sacks to back that up or not is another story but I’m confident he’ll be improved as a player.

In the secondary, Desmond King picked Brees off. That’s kind of a big deal. Overall, it sounds like the secondary had a good day.

This is good to hear as I believe Casey Hayward was out today with a tweaked hamstring. I imagine King got a bump up the depth chart because of this.

The reporters made it sound like the Chargers dominated practice.