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PODCAST: Did the Los Angeles Chargers offensive line get any better?

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The L.A. Chargers have rebuilt their offensive line this offseason, but did they end up improving it?

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Los Angeles Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

If you want to know why I sometimes come up with dumb or paranoid ideas about the Los Angeles Chargers, it’s because I am forced to put out content about them constantly. At one point, that meant a blog post here at BFTB every day. Now, it means a Locked On Chargers podcast each day. It’s enough to drive a man mad.

Anyway, today I started thinking about the Chargers’ offensive line. Take out Forrest Lamp and I’m not sure that you can guarantee that the line is going to be any better at protecting Philip Rivers or opening holes for Melvin Gordon than it was last year, and that is worrisome.

Other things I talked about in today’s podcast include Desmond King (who I like!), the hilarious consistency of the New Orleans Saints (all but assured to finish 7-9!), and national anthem protests (they’re fine!).

I hope you enjoy the podcast and decide to subscribe!