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Los Angeles Chargers Are Paying for FREE Tattoos Today

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Show your team that you’re just as dedicated to them as they are to you!

No word yet on whether or not the ‘Harry Potter’ is a viable option. Please report back if they decide it is!

Perhaps after reeling from the pre-season troubles of Game 1 and the ignominy of failing to fill the smallest stadium in the league, the LA Chargers’ PR department is keen to have the team be seen and supported in the public eye.

Although there might be better ways to show your team spirit, we have to give points to the team for thinking outside the box on this one. As reports- the Chargers are offering FREE Chargers-themed tattoos today (Tuesday) at the Shamrock Social Club between 1 pm and 1 am.

"It's just one way to show our appreciation for the fans, and to let them know that we're always thinking creatively about how they can put their hand up and say they love the Chargers," Jeffrey Pollack, a Chargers special advisor, told the Los Angeles Times.

Although some might find this kind of commitment odd for a team that has been in town for just a few months, it’s clearly a marketing move that will get people talking. Whether they fill just a portion of the seats available in the tattoo parlor, this is sure to be a win for getting people to talk about the LA Chargers through social media (again, like their cozy new playing field!).

The Chargers are giving ‘back’ to the fans

There is no word yet on the tattoo options available, but we’re very interested to hear from anyone brave enough to take the Chargers up on this option! These are not temporary tattoos- you can expect the design to remain a visible icon forever (or about 56 years, based on franchise history).

-Goro “Ink and You’ll Miss It” Saurus