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Should the Chargers Sign Ryan Mathews?

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The Philadelphia Eagles have parted with RB Ryan Mathews after 2 years. Should the Chargers kick the tires on the veteran rusher?

The Philadelphia Eagles have decided to part with 7 year veteran running back, Ryan Mathews. This should not be surprising as the Eagles brought in a running back during free agency (LeGarrette Blount) and the NFL Draft (Donnel Pumphrey).

Now I know what I am about to say is probably going to be an unpopular opinion (especially for fantasy football owners and bitter Chargers fans that felt scorned by Mathews failure to launch). However, Los Angeles absolutely needs to reunite with Ryan Mathews and sign him ASAP. Let’s be honest, Mathews is not a bell cow starting running back. He has proven time in and time out he cannot handle the load for an entire season. That being said, Mathews would be a fantastic back up running back that could have 8-10 productive touches per game. In addition, Mathews could also provide some much needed insurance in case either Gordon, or Oliver go down for the season (as they have done so the last couple of years).

In 2013, Mathews had his most productive year in the NFL under Chargers offensive coordinator, Ken Whisenhunt, where he rushed for 1,255 yards on 285 carries and 6 touchdowns. That year, Whisenhunt incorporated a ball controlled offense that utilized Mathews’ violent north and south rushing style along with his superb vision. So he does have some familiarity with the current offensive scheme.

The addition of Mathews would most likely mean the end of Andre Williams experiment (thankfully) and relegate Branden Oliver to third down duties where he is better suited because of his receiving abilities. Andrew Williams needs to go. He has poor vision and hands. Unlike Williams, Mathews has adequate hands and is a decent threat out of the backfield (which will keep defenses honest).

So sound off Charger fans. Should Los Angeles entertain bringing Mathews back as a complimentary rusher and possible spot starter for the injury riddled Chargers? Or should Anthony Lynn and crew just move on with the pieces they have and spend their resources on other areas of need (LB, or CB)?