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REPORT: Denzel Perryman to miss at least 4 games, could need surgery.

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And another one...

San Diego Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Another game, another Chargers injury. This time it was starting ILB Denzel Perryman.

The initial prognosis was possibly 4-6 weeks, this is on the long end of that and could be longer. They aren’t specifically saying what the injury was but if it might require surgery that’s probably a break or tear of some kind.

Perryman, entering his 3rd professional season, has yet to have a 16 game season. At best he will be able to play in 12 games as he did last season, but could wind up under that.

This is not good for the Chargers who are already fairly thin at LB. Korey Toomer will likely take over for him which means Nick Dzubnar as well as rookies Nigel Harris and James Onwualu will need to step up big time.

The good news, is all 4 of the names I’ve mentioned played pretty well in the first preseason game last night. Hopefully the team cuts back Toomer’s snaps a bit, as he was still playing all the way deep into the 4th quarter last night. They can’t afford to lose another starter at LB now.