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Training Camp Roundup: Lightning Round Goes to Camp.

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Garrett Sisti and Jamie Hoyle went to practice today, here are there observations.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers Practice Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The guys from the Lightning Round Podcast made the drive north to practice today. The team toned things down a bit for the final practice before the first preseason game on Sunday.

Things got kicked off with some special teams drills today.

But the team eventually got around to some 11 v 11 drills. Some, players further down the depth chart got to take a turn with the 2’s today with some starters sitting out.

Some good news, it looks like the team has finally pushed Tre Boston to starting FS, even though the first depth chart said otherwise.

The secondary had another good day today, which seems to be a common theme in camp this year.

Speaking of 4th round pick Rayshawn Jenkins, he had himself a great day as well.

6th round pick Sam Tevi did not have the same success however.

Although it was encouraging to see that he realized there was an issue and spent some extra time trying to get better.