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Uniform Schedule: Los Angeles Chargers Will Be White Hot for First Half of Season

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Hopefully the #FightForLA won’t get too dirty...

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers-Minicamp Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Chargers released their 2017 uniform schedule this morning which allows the public to know what colors the Bolts will be wearing on each game day.

These schedules have become fairly popular over the last several years as it lets fans coordinate with the team and feel that much more connected to their squad. I’m a fan since I believe it creates a synergistic environment that both the team and audience can feed off of.

After a quick glance, I’m sure you can notice that the team will be wearing their white jerseys for six straight weeks to begin the regular season before they slap on the powder blues against the Broncos. This is strange as they have three straight home games against MIA, KC, and PHI in the middle of that stretch.

What will be weirder is not seeing a navy blue jersey until they play the Bills in the middle of November.

There could be a reason or two behind the decisions, however.

Playing most of the season in one color could simply be a way to make a small statement in their first year in LA. I like the whites and believe they give the team a cleaner, more crisp aesthetic that runs along the lines of that “look good, feel good” cliche.

The second reason could be that the team wants to combat the smoldering temperatures with the lighter colors in order to keep the players feeling fresh and not burdened by the dark tones of the home colors.

At any rate, it’s definitely catching the eye of the public and that’s essentially what the team needs to do for the foreseeable future.

Side note: I’m all for the Bolts attempting to wear the powder blues more than twice a year. I personally think they should be the normal home jerseys if the organization decides to rebrand at all after this season.

What do you guys think of the schedule? Would you prefer to see less White and more of the Navy? Which is your favorite jersey combination to see the team play in? Hit us up in the comments.