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Who Is Your Favorite Chargers Player of All Time?

Chargers v Cardinals Photo by Donald Miralle/Getty Images

Richard Wade: Who is your favorite Chargers player of all time?

Michael Peterson: My favorite Chargers player of all time has got to be Antonio Gates. Growing up I was always a basketball player, and I thought that's what I was gonna end up playing in college. Sometime in high school, I realized I was better suited for the game of football, and I never looked back. I played Tight End as well, and I always watched a ton of Gates film. He was the definitely my idol.

Jamie Sewell: Considering I've only been a fan for a few years, there's only one answer, and that's Philip Rivers. The man is an absolute god. There's not a person in the world I'd want leading my team more than PR 17. He's a class act both on and off the field, and I've got a good feeling that he gets a chance to win a ring with the Chargers before he retires.

Louis Gorini: My favorite Chargers player of all time is Junior Seau. Seau is the reason why a Jersey boy like myself is a Chargers fan. I remember it clear as day, I was watching the Giants play the Bears in Chicago with my dad, and the game was so boring and low scoring. My dad was trying to influence me and make me a Giants fan. It didn't work. After the Giants game the Chargers came on, and I remember watching this energetic madman running all over the field. His energy was infectious, and he played with so much passion. He reminded me of a warrior, his name, Junior Seau. And that's when I became a Chargers fan. Seau was sooo good and wore his heart on his sleeve. I just loved how he played and the effort he gave every down.

Nathan Graber-Lipperman: Gotta be #17, Philip Rivers. Back when I had no idea who he was, I bought a navy blue kids XL. Ya know, the crappy Reebok ones that peeled like nobody's business. I wore that thing till you couldn't even tell it was a Chargers jersey anymore, and in 2013, when the Bolts made their miraculous run, I ordered a new powder blue one just in time for the Cincy game. The difference: this time, it was an adult XL.

Thomas Herd: It's split between LaDainian Tomlinson and Melvin Gordon for me. Seeing LT live at Wembley in 08' made me become a Chargers fan and as a result, he was also my first jersey. And Melvin because to have interaction with a player, especially in the U.K., is actually insane and I'll never forget that.

Matthew Stanley: Favorite Chargers player is hard. There are guys that I've REALLY liked, like Shawn Merriman, Donnie Edwards, Vincent Jackson, Igor Olshansky, Tim Dwight, Junior Seau, and now Joey Bosa. But it's got to come down to LT or Philip Rivers, and it's Rivers. LT was amazing, however, Rivers is just such a competitor, and a great QB, and a great person off the field. Rivers makes me proud to be a Chargers fan and gets me excited for every game.

Cody Young: My all-time favorite Chargers player is LaDainian Tomlinson, with Rivers a close second. The first time football clicked for me I was watching the Chargers, and I remember being astounded by the sheer dominance of LT. He was unstoppable, and I could not get enough of watching him run. LT is the main reason I ended up becoming a Chargers fan.

Jason Michaels: Being a newer fan, it's got to be Rivers. He's a great competitor, a wonderful family man (he really does aim for record numbers in most things he does, huh?), and it's great to always know that he's capable of putting on an incredible show on any given Sunday. He's fun to watch, and the closest thing the Chargers have yet had to a Tony Gwynn. Wait, are those references no longer valid? Darn. The heck if I'm going to learn Dodgers trivia for comparisons.

Jake Hefner: LT no question, I have so many memories of where I was when people would say "Did you see what LT did on Sunday?" The best, of course, was witnessing him break the TD record. I remember where I was, who I was with, the reaction I made as he touched the end zone. It was a moment frozen in time for me. Watching his years of dominance was a privilege that all fans should cherish and appreciate. I believe he was the last great three down back of our generation.

Jamie Hoyle: That's easy - Junior Seau. The passion, the energy, the playmaking ability. He defined the consummate middle linebacker for an entire generation of Chargers fans and was the reason I became a Charger fan (outside of living in San Diego). One of the best to ever play his position and, most definitely my favorite Charger of all time.

Richard Wade: I have to agree with Jamie. This is an easy question. If you watched Junior Seau play for the San Diego Chargers, I don’t know how you could claim anyone else as your favorite Charger. Seau demanded your attention on every snap. His energy was incredible. I will never forget watching him and I don’t think anyone could ever replace him as my favorite player.

John Gennaro: Donnie Edwards was just a different kind of Linebacker. Well spoken with soft hands, light feet, and a quick brain, he somehow seemed comfortable and out of place on the football field. He was a leader of men that didn't understand him. He almost never made mistakes and was always ready to make the big play. But, perhaps more important than any of that, he challenged his team's GM (AJ Smith) before it was hip to do so.

Who is your favorite Chargers player of all time? Tell us in the comments.