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AFC West Quarterbacks Rank Third in the NFL's Adam Shein ranks the NFL's Quarterbacks by division writer Adam Schein has decided to rank the best QB’s in the league, however by division and not individually.

The AFC West ranked a solid 3rd place as a group, and were placed the highest out of the rest of the AFC with the East, South and North being graded 5th, 6th, and 7th best, respectively. The two NFC groups that the West lost out to, are the South and the East.

It’s easy to see why the NFC South tops the pack being lead by Matt Ryan, Cam Newton, Drew Brees and Jameis Winston. The East also shows some good depth with Rookie of the Year Dak Prescott, Eli Manning, Carson Wentz and Kirk Cousins.

Philip Rivers and Derek Carr really do carry the rest of the QB's in the West up the board. Alex Smith will always have his doubters and who knows who Denver will choose to face the Bolts come week 1.

Here's what Schein specifically had to say on Rivers:

"Rivers remains elite, and the future Hall of Famer finally got help from his organization this offseason, with the Bolts boosting the receiver position and offensive line."

It's easy to agree with Schein here because Tom Telesco really has put some nice pieces in place for Rivers to succeed in 2017 and bounce back from a career high in INTs last season.

Oakland and Kansas City will be close favorites for the AFC West title but with the additions the Chargers have made, and Philip Rivers, you never know what could happen.