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Our Little Present to L.A.

Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb


In a strange little gift— a strange love, if you will— Dean Spanos has given those remaining Chargers fans a little present that should prove to be more of a gift than a curse.

If you recall, Chargers fans used to hold tight “because December is just around the corner!” This little phrase would always hang on the lips of the dedicated fans. It absolutely should, because December historically signified a turning around for San Diego. Philip Rivers was unstoppable once November was past.

As recently as 2014, had this to say:

"Tom Brady has the best record (45-7, .865 winning pct) of any active starting QB in December. Philip Rivers has the 2nd-best record of any active starting QB in December (30-6, .833). This list has a big jump, where Peyton Manning sits in third place (46-20, .697)."

This wasn’t just blind optimism- the Chargers could really turn it on to make Christmas season merry! However, that optimism has withered away since the last time the Chargers made the playoffs. Since 2013, the Chargers have posted a 2-13 record for post-November football. What’s worse, they haven’t won in the late season since December 20, 2015.

So, to all those lucky new Los Angeles Chargers fans, you both will be spared the cruel wrath of seasonal hope. Yes, the 2017 Chargers could be a special team—and yes, they could really sweep it up in December! However, after the first muffed snap of the new season, there’s no cushion of an expected late-season run to soften the blow. So congratulations to both of those aforementioned new fans—you won’t have to strain yourself looking at the win-loss column, trying to hold it together with hope and superstition. You can just enjoy the ride!

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

-Goro “Acceptable Casualties” Saurus