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3 Potential Pro Bowlers for the Chargers Defense: The Breakouts

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Now that we’ve gone over the breakouts on offense it’s time to switch over to the other side of the ball and talk defense. There’s a lot more to pick from as far as talent goes but plenty of inconsistency.

The Breakouts

Melvin Ingram

We give Ingram a hard time as a BFTB staff. Much of it justifiable. He is far too athletic to not finish more than he does. He also just does not make smart football plays. Whether it’s before the play starts by jumping offsides, during the play by not doing his assignment, or after the whistle blows and it’s a late hit.

The dude has so much god given ability, though. Last year we started to see what he’s capable of. Now that he got his deal and has a partner on the other side, Ingram can easily finish with more than 10 sacks. That would count as a breakout year. Two years ago he did it with far less talent around. He’s not as good as 99, but could certainly finish with more sacks than him this year.

Denzel Perryman

In my personal but super biased opinion, Brown is better. Just in today’s game. Both need to stay healthy, especially given Perryman’s style of play. When he is healthy, he can do just that, play. That 4th down stop against the Falcons in overtime is what he’s capable of. As a rookie, he was one of the best run stopping linebackers in the league. Not just for rookies but for all linebackers. A 4-3 should suit him well and he’ll also have a chance to rack up tackles and make plays. Perryman is a very good blitzer and has an opportunity to rack up a few sacks as well.

Desmond King

Feels weird putting a 5th round rookie here but if you look at the situation it makes some sense. Nobody knows how healthy both starting corners will be. If they remain healthy, King will get a ton of targets. A ton of targets means chances to make plays. I have concerns about King but when the ball was thrown at him in college he had some of the best ball skills in recent years. He just won those matchups. If they do go down King will likely play outside. He’ll be toyed with a little at safety as well and we’ll see how that goes. This is more of a numbers thing but if King gets those targets, he’ll have some interceptions. Also, as a possible returner he could really help the Chargers.

Who do you think will breakout for the Chargers on defense?