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Who Is Your Least Favorite Chargers Player of All Time?

AFC Championship: San Diego Chargers v New England Patriots Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Richard Wade: Who is your least favorite Chargers player (non-Ryan Leaf division) of all time?

Aaron Woolley: My least favorite player of all time is Jared Gaither. It's hard to choose between him and Donald Butler, who both got paid and quickly forgot how to play football. There's a reason Gaither is no longer in the NFL, and when you're making that much money, why can't you play to the best of your ability?

Richard: For me, this is an easy question. My least favorite Chargers player is Marlon McCree because he was responsible for my least favorite moment in Chargers history. I still want to scream "just get down" when I picture him trying to run back that interception before he fumbled.

Kyle Posey: This is already depressing as hell & it's only a couple answers deep

Matthew Stanley: Marlon McCree. All you had to do was go down dude. By not going down after that game-sealing interception, he cost the Chargers their best chance at a Super Bowl victory, and thus has doomed Rivers' legacy because he "doesn't have a ring."

Richard: Fingers crossed that Kyle’s answer is Philip Rivers.

Kyle: Was absolutely going to ask if we can use current players on the roster that led the league in categories you don't want them to.

Ryan Doyle: Marlon McCree. I was only 10 years old when that play happened, but it led to a childhood of disappointing Chargers losses. Why didn't he just go down?

Max Schultz: Nate Kaeding. 3 of 9 on field goals in the playoffs. Cost us the Jets game in the 2009 season with 3 missed FGs. Could have salvaged the 2007 game against the Patriots. Lost us the 2004 WC game again against the Jets. Also, he looks likes a potato became sentient and grew the body of a kicker. A kicker who could not hit FGs when it counted.

Richard: Nate Kaeding's career makes me so damn sad. He was at one point the most accurate field goal kicker in NFL history, but he missed more than half of his attempts in the playoffs.

Jamie Sewell: See I could say McCree or Kaeding, but I wasn't an NFL fan then, so I'm going to have to stick with somebody recent. I'll say, “Robert Meachem.” It was the first year I started to care about the NFL, and he was just so awful. The first game I 'followed' was the 7-6 loss to the Browns where Meachem dropped a TD, and that made younger me sad enough to really dislike him as a player. Honorable mention to Donald Butler for getting paid and quitting on the team.

Louis Gorini: You said least favorite player of all time, not Charger. If that was the case I would have said, AJ Smith or Norv Turner. Least favorite Chargers player of all time is Marlon McCree because he was the one who single-handedly was responsible for the Pats beating us that year. I remember it vividly I was acting like a lunatic screaming get the F down! But McCree fumbled and gave Tom Brady a lucky second chance helping Brady become the immortal figure he is today. Chargers had the Pats defeated and coughed it up. SMH. Right behind McCree is Nate Kaeding, he sucks ass for choking in the playoffs against the Jets. But Chargers shouldn't have relied on field goals on that game, they were better than the Jets and should have scored touchdowns.

Derrick Browne: For me, it's a tie between Jared Gaither and Marlon McCree. For Gaither, I just hate him because of how he robbed the team so effortlessly. As for McCree, I don't think I'll ever let that fumble go. If he just gets down, I have no doubt that they go on to win the SB that year, but here we are.

Nathan Graber-Lipperman: I wanted to go a different route with Jacoby Jones due to the fact that his botching of a signing is still a fresh wound. However, it's gotta be Marlon McCree. That '06 squad was one of the best to ever grace Chargers Park--maybe even any gridiron, ever. For LT's legendary season to end in the Divisional round (to the hated Patriots, nonetheless) is downright pitiful. McCree was a solid safety, maybe better than any currently on the roster, but his one defining play will live on forever in San Diego sports infamy.

Daniel Stebbins: Marlon McCree. I know this is a popular response, and there are many others that can be blamed (Rivers for being awful at the wrong times, Parker for not getting feet down in end zone, Turner not being able to cash in in the red zone, etc.) nothing defines that loss to me more than McCree with the fumble and Caldwell being the one to catch that pass from Brady down the sideline on 3rd down in the 4th. I had considered some awful draft picks, some bad free agent signings, but it just has to be McCree.

Cody Young: For me, it's Craig “Buster” Davis. I was a young fan when the Chargers drafted Davis, only been following football for a year or two. Davis was the first draft pick I got really excited about, and unfortunately, he was never able to establish himself in the league. Maybe that's on me for setting my expectations for a rookie too high. But when I think of Davis I remember all the disappointment I felt watching him every week.

Jason Michaels: For me, it's Eli Manning. Not only did I hate the draft pick, but his disrespect immediately back at the franchise gives him two thumbs firmly down. While it did land Philip Rivers, the worst part is the ongoing "what might have been" when seeing the rings that Eli accrued. Would he have changed anything? No, things almost definitely would have been worse. Does he count as a Charger? No, probably not, but it's still fun to keep his name around for such lists.

Garrett Sisti: I reaalllly want to say Craig Mager here because of the relentless flow of his name in my mentions and text messages anytime he breathes, let alone makes a play (or not). That's not "my boy's" fault though, it's a product of my own doing for writing a draft profile on him when nobody else would so I guess I brought this on myself? Like everyone else, it's Marlon McCree, "Just Go Down McCree" will live on forever and will be passed down to your children and their children's children living forever in Chargers infamy.

Let us know in the comments who your least favorite Chargers player (non-Ryan Leaf division) of all time is!