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The Los Angeles Chargers Offseason Doldrums Continue

Only 24 more days until training camp!

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers-Minicamp Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

In what is probably the most boring time of the entire year (for me, at least), there is as usual, no notable stories to write about. Seriously, the front page articles on include Brady’s diet plan, a quote from a linebacker, Mariota not thinking about how many millions he will make, and other garbage.

It is really tough during this time of year to think of something worthwhile to put out. Only so many times can you analyze the roster you have poured over for weeks and months on end. I myself noticed that I have pretty much written the same series twice already this offseason. I’ll spare you a 3rd “Brand New Series,” analyzing the 2017 LA Chargers.

Instead, let’s talk about something that may not have been talked about yet. How long have the current Chargers been on this roster? Out of the 90ish players listed on, only 9 are 30+. 2 are backups, and one is a mainly special teams player. Here are your longest-tenured Chargers.

Antonio Gates - Since 2003

Philip Rivers - Since 2004

Darrell Stuckey - Since 2010

Corey Liuget - Since 2011

Melvin Ingram - Since 2012

It’s great that the Chargers have a promising young team, but when Melvin Ingram is barely about to start his second contract and is a “grizzled veteran” on the team, that’s not okay. Maybe if Tom Telesco stays around longer, the Chargers will have guys stick around for a lot longer.

According to Philly Voice, the Chargers were the 9th youngest team in the league last year, with an average age of 25.73. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Chargers rise on that list to the top five within the next two seasons. If you look at the article, the teams with success in the top 10 are the Packers (3), Broncos (5), Seahawks (7). The Falcons, on the other hand, are ranked #32 at just a hair over 27 years old on average.

What would you prefer? A younger, more inexperienced (but with higher upside) team or a veteran team made up of guys who know how to play, but don’t have the physical attributes they once had?