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PODCAST: The Los Angeles Chargers remain dumb, unlucky

When will the Chargers coaches and front office members stop making decisions that force their fans and players to resent them?

NFL: San Diego Chargers Stadium Initiative Rally Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I’ve been doing the Locked On Chargers podcast for nearly a week now and I’ve yet to get really angry about something the Los Angeles Chargers have done. I’ve yet to have a good rant where I really railed against the team and called them idiots. This must be a new record for me.

Anyway, they finally did something to piss me off this morning (reportedly), so this will probably be a favorite podcasts for those that like to hear me rip the team to shreds for its poor PR decisions.

Here are today’s topics:

  • Why keeping Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates away from the LaDainian Tomlinson Hall of Fame induction is stupid
  • An update on Mike Williams’ back and why we should all stop trying to figure out when he injured it
  • Cardale Jones Training Camp Watch Day 1

Thank you, as always, for listening and feel free to share your feedback in the comments below.