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Melvin Ingram Listens to Melvin Ingram Before Melvin Ingram Takes the Field

Melvin Ingram likes his own music, listens to it pre-game.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at San Diego Chargers Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Before a listening party in LA, Melvin Ingram got stopped by TMZ and Ingram admits to listening to his own music.

Not only does Ingram mention he listens to his own music, he does so to gas himself up before game time. They didn’t ask but you have to also assume Melvin Ingram’s Top 5 favorite rappers are Melvin Ingram, in that order. The Roc Nation representative is reaching a Kanye level of self-confidence which is reminiscent of a story comedian Aziz Ansari told about when he went over to West’s home and heard Kanye listening to his own album “808s & Heartbreak.” Aziz said in his bit:

"I was like, 'Are you listening to your own album in your own house bopping your own head?' He was like, 'Yo, these beats are dope.'"

You know Ingram does the same. Melvin also said he’s trying to bring back “real rap” and when asked what his favorite track on his new mixtape “Reap What You Sow” with Bizzy Crook was, SupaMel said “every song.” Overconfidence often comes with the territory of a rapper or an athlete but this is what happens when you have both I guess. The good thing is that once Melvin Ingram retires from football he’s got a career to fall back on, being the president of his own fan club. Good for him, I’ll allow it.