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PODCAST: Don’t Blame Pagano, Blame Rivers

John Gennaro tackles the RG3 vs. Kaepernick debate and explains why John Pagano’s defense was better than the stats made it out to be in 2016.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers-Minicamp Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Day two and I’ve yet to lose steam! Here’s a brand new Locked On Chargers podcast for you, in which I tackle the following three topics (in order):

  • Why Robert Griffin III makes more sense for the Los Angeles Chargers than Colin Kaepernick
  • Why I believe in John Pagano as a Defensive Coordinator and why I think Philip Rivers may have gotten him fired
  • Which injury-prone player on the roster I’m most concerned with getting injured this upcoming season, and why I still believe in Tom Telesco’s strategy of drafting injury-prone players

I also would be remiss if I didn’t send out a hearty ‘thank you’ to all who gave me constructive feedback in the comments of yesterday’s podcast post. I know that, over the last nine years, we’ve certainly had our battles but I am happy when we get on the same page and I can provide content that you guys (and gals?) enjoy.