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REPORT: FA QB RGIII to tryout for the Chargers this week

The Chargers are bringing in another arm to compete at the QB position behind Rivers

San Diego Chargers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

With the team reporting this weekend to start Training Camp next week, the Chargers are bringing in a recognizable name to compete for the backup spot behind Philip Rivers.

Robert Griffin III (RGIII) is an interesting name to bring in. The team currently has Kellen Clemens, Mike Bercovici and UDFA rookie Eli Jenkins as backups. Clemens and Bercovici were both with the team last season and are more of the traditional pocket passer type QBs. Jenkins and now RGIII are a bit of a departure from what the team has had at QB since Cleo Lemon was on the team.

The Chargers got a look at RGIII at the end of last season when he helped lead the Browns to a 20-17 victory against the Chargers in week 16. So far it’s just a tryout, so this could wind up being nothing, but Clemens, Bercovici, and Jenkins aren’t exactly the highest hurdles. And there’s this:

LA is also trying to get healthier and RGIII has a pretty long injury list already. But if he’s healthy, we might see RGIII in bolts at least during the preseason.