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Who Are the AFC West’s Best Wide Receivers?

San Diego Chargers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Richard Wade: Who are your top four wide receivers (in order) in the AFC West? Please give a brief explanation of your ranking.

Aaron Woolley: Amari Cooper, Emmanuel Sanders, Keenan Allen, Demaryius Thomas. No particular order. All have strengths and weaknesses. My top is Amari though.

Richard: Everyone else follow the rules, please.

Jamie Sewell: 1 Keenan Allen, 2 Emmanuel Sanders, 3 Demaryius Thomas, 4 Amari Cooper. I'm putting Keenan Allen first with the assumption that he's fully recovered from his ACL injury because I firmly believe that a healthy Keenan Allen is a top 5 WR in the NFL. On his day, he's unguardable. He's not the fastest, but he's so smooth it doesn't matter. If you play off against him, you're going to lose. If you play press, he's going to absolutely murder you with a quick step and be gone. Please, please stay healthy. Sanders goes into second because I think he's a really underrated receiver. He's a burner, but he runs some really nice routes and has solid hands. His teammate Demaryius Thomas goes into third place. He's not got the most reliable hands, but he's one of the most physical WRs in the game. Cooper goes into fourth place, which sounds harsh on paper, but I think he's interchangeable with Sanders or Thomas. Not Allen, though. He's #1.

Louis Gorini: Demaryius Thomas is the best wide out in the AFC West. Over the last three years, Thomas has averaged over 100 catches and 1300 yards. The fact he was able to go over 1000 yards last year with the amount of instability at the QB position for the Broncos was nothing short of remarkable. Behind Thomas is Amari Cooper who has come into the league posting 2 1000 yards seasons. Keenan Allen is ranked third mainly because of his ability when he is on the field. He is an excellent route runner that can single handily take over a game; it's just a shame he can't stay on the field. Lastly, Tyreek Hill rounds out the bottom of this list and is the 4th ranked WR in the AFC West. He is an explosive athlete that is a threat to score whenever he has the ball in his hand. He is more than a gadget player as he displayed decent route running skills, good hands, and top notch speed.

Aaron: 1) Amari Cooper - he's fast, strong, and is still getting better.
2) Keenan Allen - not as fast, but his route running and strength make him a monster.
3)Demaryius Thomas - pulled in 90 receptions and over 1000 yards with piss poor quarterback play. He's a beast.
4) Emmanuel Sanders - Per PFF, he only dropped one catchable target last year.

Cody Young: I'm gonna have to agree with everyone else and say the four best are Keenan Allen, Amari Cooper, Demaryius Thomas, and Emmanuel Sanders. And I think it's in that order. Keenan doesn't have top end speed, but I don't care. He. Is. Always. Open. Even the best corners in the game struggle when lining up across from him. I don't know that there is a route runner as savvy as #13 in the NFL. If only he were on the field more his name would be mentioned with the Julio Jones' and the Antonio Brown's of the league. Cooper has been a special player since day one. He can beat you deep, and he can beat you underneath. He can beat you on the outside or going over the middle. Cooper can do it all. Thomas is big, he's got decent speed, and I don't know many players that could have managed to be even as effective as he was with the Broncos terrible QBs. I use the three S's to describe Sanders. Smart, shifty, and speedy. He knows how to get open and is as reliable as they come.

Jamie Hoyle: My top four WR in the AFC West are Demaryius Thomas, Amari Cooper, Emmanuel Sanders and Michael Crabtree. Yes, I left Keenan off the list. Why? Because he's basically never available. Doesn't mean I don't appreciate his skill set, just means I have a hard time ranking him among the best WR in the division (or in football) if I can't rely on him to be healthy. As for the others, Thomas is a matchup nightmare with his size/speed combo and ability to make plays all over the field. Cooper is a polished route runner with elite speed. Sanders is as dangerous as they get in the slot. And Crabtree is one of the better and more physical possession receivers in the league. Right now I'd say Allen is #5 and could be top three IF he remains healthy for a full season.

Michael Peterson: My top 4 wideouts would be Keenan Allen, Demaryius Thomas, Amari Cooper, and Emmanuel Sanders. I may be too high on Allen, but when he has been healthy, he has looked phenomenal and has his way with defenses in ways I never saw from the other three yet. Thomas is a grown man receiver who is the picture of consistency at his position. Cooper is still young and has shown he can be a number one even with Crabtree having a resurgence in Oakland. Sanders is a great bookend to Thomas who can flourish in his absence.

Ryan Doyle: The four best wideouts in the AFC West are Amari Cooper, Michael Crabtree, Demaryius Thomas and Michael Crabtree. If Keenan Allen is healthy, he easily rockets to number two on this list. Sadly that hasn't been the case of late. I think Amari Cooper has the potential to be a top receiver. He and Derek Carr should have a special connection for a long time. As for Crabtree, he really has had a good run in Oakland. He may not have lived up to the superstar hype he had, but he is still a reliable option on the outside. Demaryius Thomas was able to put up great numbers with a terrible quarterback last season. Sanders has been around for a while and has flourished with Denver.

What do you think? Who are your top four AFC West wide receivers?