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Rumor: 1st round pick Mike Williams may need season-ending surgery

This is so Chargers.

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers-Minicamp Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

This. Is. So. Chargers. Minutes ago, Adam Schefter revealed that the Chargers 2017 1st round draft pick might not play in 2017 at all.

If you click the link Schefter says Williams might need back surgery on his herniated disk and that would end his rookie season. In his post he goes on to say that the team is still hoping Williams will respond positively to the second epidural, but they also know there's a real chance he won't, and his rookie year will be over before it starts.

Williams was taken as an insurance in the event oft injured star receiver Keenan Allen goes down. It feels like these type of things only happen to this team. If one of the receivers goes down now, there's no insurance. And it's back to last year where nobody could get open and the offense struggles to move the ball.

Even a glimmer of hope, shot down before Training Camp begins.

Go team!