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Deion Sanders: “Let’s get Rivers a ring—send him to Denver!”

Never one to lack opinions, Deion Sanders has some advice for the Chargers and Denver

Deion Sanders has some advice for getting Philip Rivers a Super Bowl ring. To be fair, however, it’s not completely clear who the advice is intended for-- Rivers, the Chargers, or Denver.

Obviously, treating NFL players like they are baseball cards leads to fun bouts of whimsy. It’s not hard to imagine that ___X___ going to ___Y___ would change a lot about a team, but what’s interesting is that this isn’t completely out-of-the-blue.

That’s not to say that there are substantiated facts behind what isn’t really even a rumor, just that the move isn’t without its merit. The Denver Broncos have a recent history of taking a star QB to send their team to the promised land, and I think that most pundits would agree that Denver is a quality quarterback away from contending once again. Rivers is undoubtedly hungry to make the jump toward a ring, and he’s historically been less than enthusiastic about LA. Perhaps underneath it all, a quarterback reshuffle would buy this rebuilding Chargers team a few more years of patience before results are demanded.

For the reasons it wouldn’t make sense-- the LA Chargers would be bonkers to lose the single biggest reason San Diego fans have to watch the team. Rivers is also the heart and soul of this athletic team, and a team would be insane to turn back to GO without collecting $200.

That said... Denver would have to pony up a slew of prospects (QB almost definitely included) to make something of this magnitude happen. While I know that the Chargers are strapped for cash (and that extra 67 million they’re sending the league for the next 10 years isn’t helping), this scenario isn’t even worth considering unless two people are primed to make it happen: Philip Rivers and John Elway. I’m sure that the actual coaches of each team also would like their two cents added, let alone the owners.

All-in-all, this is another case of Deion being Deion: giving sportswriters something to type about, regardless of the time of year. It’s worth noting, however, that he isn’t necessarily wrong at all. Philip Rivers is probably a piece that is strong enough to push Denver back into contention. If Anthony Lynn has his way, though, Mr. Rivers hopefully feels that he has as good or better odds to do the same with Los Angeles.

-Goro “Flights of fancy” Saurus