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Why Chargers DE Joey Bosa can live up to the hype

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at San Diego Chargers Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

This week across the SB Nation NFL blogs, we are all taking the time to talk about one player that really has us excited for 2017. The name we’ve given this is Hype Week. Last week on Twitter, I asked Chargers fans who they were most excited for this season. We received a solid variety of answers because there is a lot of reason for excitement with this team. The answer that I saw the most and that I personally agree with was Joey Bosa.

Last year’s third overall pick in the NFL Draft has already had a huge impact on the franchise that drafted him. Despite missing all of training camp, the preseason, and four games due to injury, Bosa was still the NFL’s Defensive Rookie of the Year. This year, he will (knock on wood) get a full training camp and preseason before the regular season kicks off. And with a little luck maybe he can stay healthy for the full year. Aside from just being better prepared after all of that, Bosa is also going to be moving back to a position where he is more comfortable. Gus Bradley’s 43 defense will allow Bosa to line up as a defensive end and rush the passer from a three point stance.

Joey Bosa with only one year in the books is already one of the NFL’s best pass rushers. He is an amazing athlete. He uses his hands better than most veterans. He has an excellent motor. He has another top quality pass rusher opposite him in Melvin Ingram that should make it more difficult for teams to focus solely on him. And he’s moving back to his natural position of defensive end. Bosa had a huge year in 2016 and I’m expecting even bigger things from him in 2017.