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Who Are the AFC West’s Best Pass Rushers?

San Diego Chargers v Cleveland Browns Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Richard Wade: The AFC West has some of the best pass rushers in the National Football League, but who are the best? Give us your top four.

Matthew Stanley: Von Miller, Khalil Mack, Justin Houston, Joey Bosa? Man that's hard, don't count that as my vote yet

Garrett Sisti: Can I just list Bosa 5 times?

Richard: My favorite part of that is that I only asked for a top four.

Aaron Woolley: I have to agree with Matthew. All those guys are great and are only getting better. Miller and Houston are only 28, Mack is only 26, and Bosa is a mere youngling. All have great physical attributes and are relentless at attacking the ball. In a few years, don't be surprised if Bosa moves up a bit on this list, but this is easily the most impressive division for pass rushers in the entire league.

John Crean: Miller, Mack, Bosa, Houston. Amusing that there's one on each team now.

Jamie Sewell: Houston, Miller, Mack, Bosa. If Justin Houston is healthy, there's not a single pass rusher in the league I'd have over him. People forget that he's only 28, and he was half a sack away from getting the single-season record for sacks in a season in 2014 (when he had four sacks against the Chargers and nearly single-handedly knocked them out of playoff contention). It feels harsh to put Bosa fourth on a list of anything, but there's a real argument to be made that either Von Miller or Khalil Mack is the best pass rusher in the league too, and Bosa isn't quite on their level yet.

Michael Peterson: I've gotta go Miller, Mack, Bosa, and Houston as well. They put up the stats and constantly have an impact throughout the game. Miller is one of the most feared, Mack was an all-pro at two different positions, Houston came a hair short of the sack record, and Bosa is already a presence without playing a full season. I can't imagine anyone else coming close to these four at the moment.

Garrett: I asked if I could list Bosa 5 times (one extra for good measure), but apparently that wouldn't constitute a good answer so since I HAVE to give a straight answer I'll say Von Miller, Khalil Mack, Joey Bosa and Justin Houston. Miller is the best pass rusher in the NFL and Mack isn't that far behind. Bosa and Houston are close, and while Houston is three seasons removed from his absurd 22 sack year, I'd take Bosa with the assumption he gets better this offseason, his natural 4-3 spot helps up his game and he plays more than 12 games this year.

Richard: While I think (secret Chiefs fan) Jamie makes a compelling argument, I am inclined to agree with Garrett’s ranking. Miller is still the top pass rusher in the NFL. Bosa is positioned to pass Houston this year, and Mack is still just a little bit ahead of where I think Bosa will get this season.

Cody Young: I'd say the top four are Joey Bosa, Khalil Mack, Von Miller and Justin Houston. I honestly have no idea how I would rank them. There are strong cases to be made for any ranking you could come up with. These are four of the most dominant pass rushers in the league, and all are still pretty young players.

Louis Gorini: Von Miller is the best pass rusher currently in the AFC West. Khalil Mack is right behind him and could very well overtake Miller as the best pass rusher in that division as he has posted back to back years of double digit sacks. The Chargers fan in me wants to put Joey Bosa behind Mack, but he hasn't been doing it long enough to warrant that accolade. What Bosa did last year was special, and if he can replicate his 2016 production, then he would cement the third slot. That being said, Bosa is the 4th ranked edge rusher in the west. That leaves Justin Houston as the 3rd ranked edge rusher in the division. The last two years has been riddled with injuries and subpar production by Houston (only 11.5 sacks in 2 years), but he is still a terror when he is healthy.

What do you think? Who are your top four pass rushers in the AFC West? Let us know in the comments.